Adding New Patients


Adding a new patient to your records is quick and easy, and can be done:

  1. via your calendar when creating an appointment; or

  2. by completing the Add Patient form that is accessible from your Patients List or via the Patients tab.

A patient profile is created whenever you add a new patient to your records. The patient profile contains general and contact information, as well as emergency contact information. The patient profile also has tabs for the patient's funding information, clinical notes, invoices, appointments and social history information.

Adding new patients via your calendar

You can add new patients when you first make an appointment with them on your calendar.

In the Appointment Information panel, a patient name is entered. The user clicks the name to go to their profile.

To add new patients via your calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar by clicking Schedule > Calendar or by clicking the Halaxy logo at the top of the sidebar.

  2. Click the time and date of the appointment.

  3. The Appointment Information form will appear. Type the name of the new patient in the Name field and then click "Add Patient Name as a new patient" from the drop-down menu that appears.

    The Name field in the Appointment Information panel has "Mary J Black" written into it. The drop-down menu now shows "Add Mary J Black as a new patient" as an option that can be clicked underneath the text input field.
  4. Fill out as much or as little information for the rest of the fields as you want:

    The Add Patient form contains fields to enter Patient Details, starting with Profile Type.
    • Date of Birth: Select the correct DOB of the patient

    • Contact Email: Enter the email used to contact the patient. This will be used for any emails you send from Halaxy, including for sending invoices.

    • Address: Click Add New Address to add a new address for the patient. This will be used as the location for home visits and will appear on the invoice.

    • Phone Number: Click Add New Phone to add a new phone number for the patient. This will be used for SMS reminders.

  5. Click Submit.

RESULT: The patient profile has now been created and added to your Patient List. You can now add notes, invoices and future appointments to this patient's profile.

NOTE: The form to add new patients from the calendar does not include emergency contact information, general notes or introduction/referral source details. In order to add this information to the patient, you will need to access their profile via the Patient List. In the General section of their profile, you can add in emergency contacts, as well as introduction and referral sources. You can also add attachments, add patient-specific reminder settings, or add a practitioner relationship to the patient's file to give another practitioner access to the patient's record.

Adding new patients from your Patients List and the Add Patients screen

You can add new patients to your patient list through:

  • Your Patients List, accessible via Patients > Patient List

  • The Add Patients screen, accessible via Patients > Add Patient

These methods are most helpful when you do not need to schedule an appointment with the patient.

To add a patient from your patient list:

  1. Click Patients > Patient List.

  2. Click Add Patient at the top-right of the page:

    The Add Patient button is shown in the top-right of the screen
  3. The Add New Patient page appears. if your practice supports different profile types, the first thing you must do is select a profile type:

    The profile type drop-down when editing a patient profile, with three options shown
    • Full profiles (the default type) are suitable for most adult patients. They can have clinical information, contact details and funding information. They can also be set as an emergency contact.

    • Dependant profiles are suitable for patients who are children or adult dependants whom it is not appropriate to bill or contact directly. They can only have clinical information; they cannot have contact details or payments information and require an emergency contact to be billed or contacted.

    • Contact Only profiles are suitable for people who are not treated by your practice but whom the practice needs to contact or bill, such as parents or guardians. They can only have contact details and payments information; they cannot have clinical information and cannot be added to appointments. They can only be set as an emergency contact and do not appear in your patient list (see Emergency Contacts for how to create a list of contacts).

  4. Fill out as much or as little information in the rest of the fields as you want:

    • Name: Enter the patient's Title, Given Name, Middle Name, Surname and Preferred Name. NOTE: Only their given/preferred name and surname appears on invoices reports, referrals etc.

    • Date of Birth: Select the patient's date of birth from the drop-down menus.

    • Gender: Select the patient's gender (male, female or other).

    • Review Date and Review Note: You can enter in a date that the patient should next be reviewed if required, as well as a note explaining why they need to be reviewed.

    • Status: Select their status they have in your practice:

      • Current: Currently active in your practice. The patient will appear in the patient drop-down menu when making appointments.

      • Deleted: They are no longer going to your practice and will not appear in the patient drop-down menu when making appointments.

      • Archived: They are currently not active in your practice but they will be appear when creating appointments. However, they will have "Archived" beside their name.

    • Patient Terminology: Select whether you want this patient to be referred to as a patient, client, resident, supervisee or customer on their profile and on invoices.

    • Alert: Add an alert note and colour that will appear on the patient profile and when making appointments.

    • Clinics: Select the practice locations associated with the patient. This will affect reports.

    • Addresses: Click Add Address to add address details. This will be used as the location for home visits and will appear on the invoice. You can add multiple addresses.

    • Phone Numbers: Click Add Phone Number to add a phone number. The mobile phone number will be used for SMS reminders and other SMS communication. You can add multiple phone numbers.

    • Introduction Source: Select an introduction source and add comments and the date of introduction.

    • Contacts: Add contact details for the patient, including emergency contacts. When adding a contact, type their name in the contact field and then click in the drop-down menu to add them as a new contact/patient. This will create a new patient record for the contact, linked to the current patient.

      • Reminders: Select Enabled to also send the contact an SMS reminder whenever the patient receives an SMS reminder

  5. Click Save.

You can view an existing patient profile by clicking their name from the patient list to go to their profile. To edit the profile, simply click Edit in the top-right of the patient profile page.

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