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If you have Online Bookings set up, you can customise your Online Bookings Preferences for each practitioner at each practice location.

To set Online Bookings Preferences, navigate to the Personal > Locations page and click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of "Online Bookings and Profile Preferences" for the relevant practitioner at the relevant location:


The Online Bookings preferences page appears. Set your Online Booking preferences as desired:

  • Notifications: Tick the Email and/or SMS checkboxes to receive a notification whenever a patient makes an online booking. If you do not wish to receive any notification, untick both checkboxes.

  • Clients:

    • Select "All clients" to allow anyone to make an online booking

    • Select "Existing clients" to only allow existing clients to make an online booking (new clients will not be able to book). Halaxy will validate existing clients based on their name, email address and phone number in their patient profile.

  • Appointment Lead Time:

    • Select Anytime to allow patients to book an appointment at any time before the appointment

    • Select Time-specific and enter a number in the "Hours" field to prevent patients from making an appointment within X number of hours before the appointment time.

  • Booking process:

    • If you select Time-specific, patients can choose specific appointment times to book.

    • If you select Request-based, patients can choose only a general time (morning, afternoon or evening). Halaxy will determine an appropriate timeslot for the appointment and add it to your calendar. You can change the appointment time as desired. (NOTE: If you select Request-based bookings, it is recommended that you also select Pending in the Appointment Status field so that you can confirm the appointment time yourself before a booking confirmation is sent to the patient)

  • Appointment Scheduling:

    • Select Static to enforce bookings at fixed times based on the fee duration and buffer time. For example, if you start your day at 9:00 AM, the patient selects a service with a 50-minute duration and you have a buffer time of 10 minutes, Halaxy will make sure your bookable time slots are in 1-hour blocks (based on the 50-minute fee duration plus 10-minute buffer time) from 9:00 AM and will not allow appointments to start at other times.

    • Select Dynamic to allow appointments whenever you have an available time slot; only the buffer time will be enforced. This lets you maximise the number of appointments you can have in a day.


      In the image below, the practitioner starts their day at 9:00 AM and finishes at 5:00 PM, with a lunch break from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. In Static Scheduling, Halaxy prevents a 50-minute appointment from starting at 1:30 PM, because it enforces bookings at fixed 1-hour blocks from the practitioner's 9:00 AM start time (the 1-hour block is based on the 50-minute fee duration and the 10-minute buffer time). In Dynamic Scheduling, Halaxy sees that the practitioner is available at 1:30 PM and allows a booking at that time slot.

  • Appointment Status: Set whether online appointment requests appear in your calendar as Booked, Pending or Waiting List. If you set Appointment Status to Pending or Waiting List, online appointment notifications will have a Confirm button that will change the status to booked.

  • Minimum appointment time: If the appointment fee does not have a set duration, the appointment is automatically assigned this duration.

  • Buffer time: If you set a buffer time, Halaxy will enforce at least that much time between appointments, during which another appointment cannot be made. Note that buffer times apply to the end of the day as well; for example, if your day ends at 6:00 PM and you have a 10-minute buffer time, a patient would not be able to make a 30-minute appointment at 5:30 PM (you would need to set your hours to end at 6:10 PM to allow this).

  • Booking notes: Booking notes appear to the patient when they are making an online booking. You may wish to include information such as "Please show up 10 minutes early" or "No cash payments".

  • Customise booking confirmation email: Click this link to customise the email that patients receive when complete an online booking. You can include images and formatting similar to a word processor, as well as add dynamic terms.

  • Payments - This option allows you to set whether you require payment or a deposit when a patient makes an online booking:

    • Full payment required: The patient must pay the full amount of the appointment fee when making a booking, processed immediately. This requires the fee to be visible.

    • Deposit required: Set a percentage of the fee total that must be paid upfront when making a booking, processed immediately. This requires the fee to be visible.

    • Card capture: The patient must enter their debit or credit card details to make the booking. This information is added to the patient's Funding page, allowing you to instantly process payment at the time of the appointment.

    • No deposit/payment: The patient is not asked for payment information when making their online booking.


    You can disable booking payments for individual fees to allow patients to book appointments using those fees while still requiring a payment or deposit for your other fees.

You can allow patients to book from either your Halaxy directory profile or book directly from your own website (through a booking button that links to your Halaxy directory profile or an online booking calendar embedded directly on your website).

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