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Your Halaxy profile is where you enter information that is used to automatically populate your invoices and your directory profile.

The information on your profile is also used by Halaxy to verify your profile, which allows you to take advantage of the Halaxy directory, online bookings, electronic payments processing and optional paid add-ons.

You can access your profile by clicking Personal > Profile in the sidebar.

From your profile, you can also configure individual email sender preferences and individual reminder preferences.

Personal Details

Your profile contains personal details (such as name, title and email address) that are used to populate your invoices and clinical templates. Your profile also lists your qualifications, languages spoken and areas of focus.

To edit your personal details:

  1. Click Personal > Profile.

  2. Click Edit at the top-right of the page.

  3. In the Personal Details section add your name, title, gender and contact and reply-to email addresses.

    The Personal Details section of a practitioner profile
  4. Click Save Profile.

Adding qualifications/registrations to your profile

Your qualifications and professional registrations are used to verify your account and will be displayed on your directory profile once verified.

You can add your qualifications and registrations by following the steps below:

  1. Click Personal > Profile.

  2. Click Edit at the top-right of the page.

  3. In the Qualifications & Credentials section, add your identification(s), professional registration number(s), qualification(s) and your professional description.

    The qualifications and credentials section
  4. If there are other credentials or accreditations you would like to add to your profile, you can add them in the Other Clinical Credentials & Preferences section.

    The section titled "Other Clinical Credentials & Preferences" is displayed
  5. Click Save Profile.

Adding a profile photo

You can choose to add a your photograph to personalise your Halaxy profile. Adding your photograph can increase the number of patients and referrers who contact you, and can increase number of completed online bookings that you receive.

To add a photo to your profile that will appear in your online directory profile:

  1. Click Personal > Profile.

  2. Click the circular icon to the left of your name. This may contain your initials or your current profile photo.

    On the Profile page, the photo icon next to the practitioner's name is highlighted
  3. Click Upload File to select an image from your computer, or click-and-drag a photo into the box. JPG, JPEG and PNG files are accepted.

  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Your profile will now have a photo that will appear in your online directory. You can delete the photo by clicking the X icon when hovering your cursor over the photo.


Your photo is automatically scaled to a maximum height and width of 200px, and it appears on your directory profile when your profile is visible.

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