How do I delete / archive / remove a practitioner from a location?

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. In the Hours, Profile and Booking Preferences section, click the Delete icon next to the practitioner's name at the location where they do not see patients.

    The Trash icon for a practitioner is highlighted on the Locations page
  3. Choose a removal type:

    • Block: If the practitioner has "Clinic Restriction" ticked in their user access settings, they will be prevented from seeing this location in the locations list, and patients/records from that location will not be visible for the practitioner. Suitable for practitioners who should no longer have access.

    • Archive: The practitioner is "disabled" at this location, but their records are retained, and the practitioner can be un-archived. Suitable for practitioners who no longer work at a location but need to still view their records.

      A pop-up titled "Remove practitioner". The "Archive" option is selected.
    • Delete: The practitioner is completely removed from the location, with no records retained. Only possible if there are no records associated with the practitioner at the location.

  4. Click Submit.

Archived or deleted practitioners do not appear on the calendar or in online bookings for that particular location.

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