Communication Reports


You can create reports that track emails, reminders and SMS messages sent to help you manage your practice.

Communication reports can be created, accessed and saved in Reports > Communication.

Type of report

To create a report, click New Report in the top-right of the page and select the report type you would like to create. You can create the following reports:

Communications reports available

Report Type



View a list of your bulk SMS or email campaigns


View a list of all emails sent to patients, including invoices, reminders and one-off emails. Includes outbound emails sent via Halaxy only; inbound emails are not included, as Halaxy cannot access your inbox.


View the reminders that have been sent or that are scheduled to be sent by email or SMS


View patient responses to SMS messages and the send status of your SMS messages sent via Halaxy, including reminders and once-off messages. Includes inbound and outbound SMS messages.


View fax messages, number of pages sent and received via fax, and credit usage

Filtering reports by key parameters

You can filter the report to show key information, depending on the type of report you are running. Filters are shown after you select the type of report. Filters are all optional. Filters that are available include:

  • Date: select the date range for the report (e.g. selecting December 1 to December 31 limits the report to show appointments in December).

  • Patient: type the patient's name.

In addition to the above filters, you can also filter each report with report-specific filters, shown below:

  • Email Status: for example, sent, rejected or scheduled.

  • Email Type: you can choose to look for invoices, reminders or one-off emails.

  • By practitioner: select the practitioner about whom the report is being run. You can run the report for your whole practice by leaving this blank. If you are a sole practitioner the report is run solely for you.

Completing the report

After you have applied the relevant filters, click Run to create the report, which you can save, create an automatically repeating report as well as export or print.

Email report

In addition to viewing all reminder and one-off emails sent from Halaxy, the Email report helps you confirm if an invoice has been sent. This can also be viewed from with a patient's invoice by clicking the Email icon at the top right of the page.

Using this report, you can search for an individual patient or for all your patients. You can also look for particular email statuses, including sent, rejected and bounced.

Reminder report

The Reminder report shows you if reminders have been sent for all of your patients. You can choose to search for reminders sent by SMS or email or both.

You can narrow the search down further by choosing sub categories, including Notification (for new appointments) or Reminder Two Way.

SMS report

The SMS report shows you all your SMS messages that have been sent, received or or that failed to send.

All patient responses to sent SMS messages can be viewed in the Notifications tab, on your dashboard. If the notification has not been kept, you can view these responses by creating an SMS report and selecting the Status of Received.

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