Halaxy Credit Usage Report


Halaxy credits can be used for a number of add-on features designed to turbo-charge your Halaxy account speeding up your administrative processes, leaving you with more time to see patients.

By running a Halaxy Credit Usage Report, you can easily track your expenses and monitor how you are using your credits.

Running a Halaxy Credit Usage Report

  1. Click Reports > Finance.

  2. Click New Report at the top-right of the page.

  3. Set the Report Type field to Halaxy Credit Usage:

    The finance report screen. The Report Type field is set to "Halaxy Credit Usage".
  4. (Optional) Add any other filters as desired.

  5. Click Run.

Once generated, your report will list the transaction date, practitioner (if relevant), add-on description and the amount of credits used for each expense.

The totals for each add-on type are also listed at the top of the page.

A Halaxy Credit Usage report, showing details of where credits are used
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