Medicare Payments Report


The Medicare Payments page provides the Payment & Processing Report. This collates the money paid to you for bulk bills and DVA claims. Medicare issues these daily (where there is money to pay) along with a pay run which matches the reference on your bank account. You can therefore reconcile the money you receive in your account against the invoices submitted in Halaxy.


Use the Search function at the top left to search for anything including claim date, type, pay run etc. The list of Medicare claims is then limited to show only claims that meet your criteria.

Sorting and filtering Medicare records

Claims are automatically listed in the date order of claim made. You can click each of the column headings to re-order the claims, for example, by type or practitioner. Click in each of the columns to filter the Claims List to show only particular records - for example, all Bulk Bills.

Scrolling through pages

You can scroll through all the pages of your Claims List listed by clicking through the page numbers at the bottom right of the table. Click first to go to the first page of records, and last to go to the last page of records.

Changing the view

You can change how this page appears in a number of ways and Halaxy dynamically remembers your view preferences based on the computer you are using. Click Choose Columns to add or remove columns shown. Click the Results per Page picker to select the maximum number of claims you would like to see per page. Move columns by clicking on the column and dragging it to where you want the column to be.

Exporting your Claims list

You can export your Claims List to Excel by clicking the Export icon at the top right of the screen, which exports the Claims List to a CSV file, which you can view and save in Excel.

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