Appointment Reports


You can create reports that track appointment attendance and create lists of patients to follow up if they have not attended the clinic for a specific period of time.

Type of report

To create a new report, select the type of report that you would like to create. You can create the following reports:

Appointments reports available

Report type



Track all patient appointments, regardless of attendance status


Track patient appointments based on the Appointment status "Attended"

Unbilled appointments

Track patient appointments that do not have linked invoices

Filtering reports by key parameters

You can filter the report to show key information. Filters available include:

  • Date range: Select the date range for the report (e.g. selecting December 1 to December 31 limits the report to show appointments in December).

  • Alt date range: Select if you want to limit the report to a specific time - e.g. today, tomorrow, next month, etc).

  • Length: Enter the number of days, weeks or months since the last appointment if you want to run a report showing patients who have not attended an appointment for a specific period of time.

  • Patient status: for example, current patients or archived patients.

  • Appointment status: e.g. attended, cancelled, booked, did not attend.

  • By practitioner: select the practitioner about whom the report is being run. You can run the report for your whole practice by selecting All Practitioners. If you are a sole practitioner the report is run solely for you.

  • By location: select the practice for which you are running the report. If you have only one practice location, the report is run solely for that practice.

Completing the report

After you have applied the relevant filters, click Run to create the report, which you can save, create an automatically repeating report as well as export or print.

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