Referral Report


The referral report allows you to create reports that track referrals by Referral Type, expiry date, patient, recipient practitioner, and/or appointment or time limit (depending on the Referral Type).

This is particularly useful for running a recall campaign to advise patients that they need to renew their referral.

A referral report in Halaxy​​ showing referral limits and next appointment

Image: A referral report in Halaxy showing referral limits and next appointment dates

Running a referral report

To run a referral report:

  1. Click Reports > Referral.

  2. To create a new report, click New Report in the top-right of the page. To re-run a saved report, click the report from the list.

  3. Filter the report according to the following parameters as desired (leave any field blank to include all results):

    • Referral Date: Include only referrals matching the selected date range. Referral date refers to the date listed on the referral itself, not the date you received it or that it was entered into your patient records.

    • Expiry Date: Include only referrals that expire during the selected date range.

    • Referral Type: Include only selected Referral Type(s).

    • Recipient: Include only referrals received by the selected practitioner.

    • Limit: Include only referrals that have a certain number of appointments, hours or minutes remaining. This is based on the limit set by the Referral Type. You can use "less than" and "more than" modifiers.

    • Patient Status: Include only referrals for patients whose status matches the selected status(es).

    • Patient: Enter a name if you are looking for a particular patient.

  4. (Optional) Filter for Next Appointment. If you enter data in the Next Appointment section, the report will only include referrals where the patient has an upcoming appointment, which will be displayed in the report. Leave this field blank to capture any patient with a referral.

    The Referral Report screen. The section marked "Next Appointment" is highlighted.
  5. Click Run.

RESULT: The report will be displayed on your screen, with a summary at the top. Click the Edit (pencil) icon in the top-right to change the parameters. You can also print the report by clicking the Print (printer) icon or export the report as a CSV file by clicking the Export (square with arrow) icon.

Saving the report and creating a recurring report

After you have run the report, click Save. The Save Report pop-up appears.

The Save Report pop-up, with options for Title, Description and to make the report regular

Click Save to save the report to your Referral Reports list. You can click the report from the list to run it again at any time.

To make the report a regularly recurring report, click + Regular Report. The pop-up will expand and allow you to set how often you want the report to run, as well as when you want the report to stop recurring.

The Save Report Pop-up, with options set to make the report recur every weekday
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