How do I select that an appointment is a home visit or online consultation?


When creating or editing the appointment, set the Location field to Online Consultation, the patient's address based on their patient profile, or another address you can specify.

  1. From the Calendar, create an appointment in Halaxy and select the patient and fee.

  2. In the Location drop-down menu, select either Online Consultation, Patient's/Organisation's location, or Other address.

    In the Appointment Information panel, "Online Consultation" is selected for the Location
  3. Save the appointment.

If you are creating an online consulation, the appointment location will now appear as a hyperlink. You can click the hyperlink to enter the video session and share the hyperlink with your patients.


You can only select Online Consultation, Patient's/Organisation's Location or Other Address in the Location drop-down menu when creating or editing the appointment from the Calendar, not from the patient's profile.

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