The Tasks feature enables you to create a to-do list in Halaxy. You can create tasks, assign them to people in your practice group, and mark them as complete when they're done.

Tasks are a great way to keep track of your practice. You can see all your tasks from your Task list by clicking Schedule > Tasks.

The Tasks list in Halaxy

Tasks that are due soon will also appear in a notification at the top of your screen:

The Notifications list, with tasks that are due soon displayed

Not only can you add tasks to your own to-do list, you can also add tasks to appointments, clinical notes, patient profiles, organisation profiles and invoices to ensure that you complete tasks at the right time.

Adding tasks to your to-do list

In order to add a task to your to-do list:

  1. Click Schedule > Tasks.

  2. Click New Task an the top-right of the page. The “New Task” pop up will appear:

    A pop-up titled "New Task"
  3. Give the task a name e.g. "Check unpaid invoices".

  4. If required, you can assign the task to yourself or another staff member in your practice by clicking the text field under "Assign to".

  5. (Optional) If the task is a reoccurring task, you have the option to set the task to repeat this task by ticking the “Is scheduled” checkbox. This will allow you to set the task to repeat according to a schedule. You can also set the task to stop repeating after a certain number of times or after a certain date.

    A sample task. The checkbox labelled "is scheduled" is highlighted and ticked.
  6. Click Add.

RESULT: The task is now set and will appear in your task list and notifications.

Editing existing tasks

To edit a task that has been created:

  1. Click Schedule > Tasks to go to your Task list and click the required task.

  2. Make the required edits and click Save.

Completing tasks

Once a task is complete, you can mark the task as complete to update its status by following the steps below:

  1. Click Schedule > Tasks to go to your Task list and click the required task (or click the task from your Notifications).

  2. Click Complete in the top-right of the page.

Deleting tasks

To delete a task:

  1. Click Schedule > Tasks to go to your Task list and click the required task.

  2. Click Delete at the top-right of the page.

  3. The Task Deletion pop up will appear. If the task is linked to recurring tasks or has associated tasks, you will have the option to delete just the task selected, this task and any future tasks, or all tasks associated with this task.

Task deletion pop-up options: just this task, this any and following tasks, and all tasks.

If the task is a once-off task, a message will appear confirming if you would like to delete the task:

A pop-up titled "Task Deletion", confirming the deletion of a task
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