How do I change the location of one appointment on the calendar?


The appointment location is automatically set based on your practice hours. You can change the location for an individual appointment on the calendar by selecting the relevant location from the Locations drop-down menu in the Appointment Information form.


The possible options appearing in the Locations drop-down menu include:

  • your practice location(s)

  • the patient's home address

  • organisation's location

  • Online Consultation (Coviu)

  • Other address (Allows you to add a new address. Only visible after you have already saved an appointment.)

There are some additional steps relating to selecting an organisation's location, online consultations and the "Other address" option. These are outlined below.

Organisation business address

When attending an appointment at a organisation's location, select the "organisation's location" option - the Appointment Location pop-up appears.


Type part of the organisation's name into the Organisation field and select the organisation from the drop-down menu (or select the option to add what you have typed as a new organisation). If you have already set up the organisation's address, the address fields will be auto-populated. Otherwise, you can add the address details here to update the organisation's address in your Organisations list.

Online consultations

The Online Consultation option can be used in two ways:

  • by integrating Halaxy with Coviu

  • to mark online consultations outside of Halaxy

If you have integrated Halaxy with Coviu, selecting "Online Consultation" as the location will turn the appointment location into a hyperlink that creates a video session for this appointment; you can click this link to enter the Coviu video session. You can also share this link with your patient to invite them to a secure video session via Coviu. (You can send patients email or SMS messages from their patient profile)

If you use an online platform external to Halaxy, you can set the location to "Online Consultation" to mark the appointment as an online consultation for your own records.

Other address

If you select "Other Address" as the location, you can enter an ad hoc address as the location. This address will be used on reminders where the [Appointment Location] dynamic term is used. This option provides flexibility so you can record unusual locations for appointments.

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