Cancelling and Deleting Appointments


An appointment can be cancelled or deleted by clicking the appointment in the calendar, then clicking the Cancel Appointment (X) icon:


A confirmation form appears showing four different options:

  • Cancel appointment: sets the amount owing on invoices to $0 and sets the appointment status to 'Cancelled'; a record of the appointment cancellation is kept in your patient's profile and in your Appointment List.

  • Cancel appointment and delete invoice: removes the appointment from your calendar and the invoice but keeps a record of the cancellation in your records and on the patient's profile.

  • Non-attendance: changes the appointment status to Did Not Attend, but keeps the invoice and fee so that you can charge for a missed appointment. Appointments marked as Did Not Attend are shown on the calendar and in the History pages of the patient's profile.

  • Delete appointment: removes the appointment from your calendar and also removes the invoice from your Invoice List and clinical note from the patient's clinical records. This is helpful if you want to remove any record of the appointment entirely, or if the appointment was made in error.

You can also record a cancellation reason in the Reason section, which is retained the appointment record.

Confirm your preferred option by selecting it and then click Submit.

If the appointment is a recurring appointment, you have the option to cancel or delete just this appointment, this appointment any any future appointments, or all appointments in the series.

Cancelling or deleting an appointment also cancels any scheduled reminders and notifications for the appointment.

You cannot cancel or delete an appointment where:

  • An electronic payment has been processed through Halaxy for the invoice. However, you can cancel or delete an appointment where the invoice has been paid outside Halaxy.

  • Where an electronic rebate has been processed through Halaxy for the invoice (see for example, online Medicare rebates claiming in Australia).

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