Appointment Types


Appointment types allow you to create appointments without necessarily adding patient details, fees or invoices, making appointment types useful for placeholder appointments, future-dated appointments and group online bookings.

You can use appointment types to:

  • manage group appointments more easily by reserving time slots in your calendar without needing to add a patient or fee (just add a group appointment type and set the number of spots available)

  • create placeholder appointments where you can add details later, including fees and invoices

  • create an appointment at a specific time slot that patients can book online

  • schedule future-dated appointments without creating an invoice (for example, using a "follow-up consultation" appointment type)

Enabling Appointment Types

Appointment types must be enabled in Settings before they can be used. To enable appointment types:

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. In the Appointment Settings section, click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of "Appointment Types".

    In the Appointment Settings section, the Edit icon for Appointment Types is highlighted
  3. Select "Enabled" and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Adding New Appointment Types

To create a new appointment type:

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. In the Appointment Settings section, click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of "Appointment Types". The Edit Appointment Types screen appears.

  3. Click Add New Appointment Type. A new section called "Appointment Type" will appear below.

    The Appointment Types page. "Add New Appointment Type" is highlighted.
  4. Fill out the details of your new appointment type:

    • Title: The name of the appointment type

    • Allow Online Booking:

      • Select No to prevent online bookings for this appointment type

      • Select "Yes - any bookable appointment time" to allow patients to make an appointment using this appointment type in any available time slot

      • Select "Yes - only appointments matching the type" to allow patients to only book into time slots where you have specifically created an appointment matching this appointment type in your calendar

    • Online Booking Fee: (Optional) Add a fee from your Fee List (or create a new fee) to use for this appointment type for online bookings.

    • Appointment Colour: The colour that this appointment type will appear in the calendar

    • Text Colour: The colour of the text for this appointment type that will appear in the calendar

    • Duration: The length of the appointment. If you set a duration lower than the Minimum appointment time in your Online Booking Preferences, the minimum appointment time will apply when patients book this appointment type online. If there is no minimum appointment time set and you set a Duration of less than 10 minutes, the duration will be assumed to be 10 minutes when patients book this appointment type online.

    • Max Patients: (Optional) Set how many patients can book a single appointment using into this appointment type.

    • Notes: (Optional) Information entered into this field will be displayed to patients when they book online when they click "Details" next to the appointment type:

      On an Online Bookings page, a fee has a link titled "Details", which is highlighted.
    • Active (checkbox): Tick this checkbox to enable the appointment type. If this checkbox is unticked, the appointment type will not be usable and will not be visible to patients.

  5. Click Save.

RESULT: Your appointment type can now be applied to any appointment you create on the calendar.

Using Appointment Types you have created

When creating an appointment on your Calendar, you can select from the appointment types you have created in the Appointment Details section:

In the Appointment Details section, the Appointment Type drop-down menu is selected

When you select the appointment type, the appointment type settings (such as Duration, Maximum Patients, and whether or not the appointment is bookable online) will be imported into the appointment you are creating.

If you manually change the appointment details while creating the appointment, the appointment will use those details instead of the default settings. This can be useful to create a one-off appointment that is bookable online; for example, you may typically run 1-hour appointments, but for a specific appointment you may wish to change the duration to 45 minutes instead:

In the Appointment Details section, the Duration and Bookable Online checkbox are highlighted.

If you have the Online Bookings setting (see below) set to "Yes - only appointments matching the type", this appointment will be bookable in your Online Bookings page, with only this time slot available:

The user makes an online booking, which has only one time slot available

However, if you have the Online Bookings setting set to "Yes - any bookable appointment time", you may inadvertently allow patients to book 45-minute appointments at any time when you do not wish to do so. Please check your Online Bookings settings before modifying appointment details when using appointment types.

Allowing appointment types to be booked online - settings

A sample appointment type for a group yoga session

When creating a new appointment type or editing an existing one, you have the option of allowing online bookings according to three different settings in the Allow Online Booking field. These options control how the service is listed in your Halaxy directory profile and how time slots are displayed to patients when booking online:

  • Yes, any bookable appointment time: The appointment type is listed in your profile. Patients have the option to click on the service and book a spot at any available timeslot in your online booking calendar.

  • Yes - only appointments matching the type: The appointment type will only be displayed in your profile if you have specifically created an appointment using this type. Patients will then be able to click on the service and book a spot at the specific time that you created the appointment(s), and only those timeslots will be visible to them.

  • No: The appointment type is not available to be booked online.

Online booking fees

By adding a fee to the Online Booking Fee field, the fee will be displayed in your online booking calendar when patients book. Adding a fee is optional.

Using appointment types for group bookings

To create an appointment type for group bookings, set the maximum number of patients to higher than one. Patients will be able to book online according to your settings in the Allow Online Bookings field. As patients book, the appointment will show each patient and create separate invoices for each (accessible from the appointment details).

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