Can I edit clinical templates?


Yes, templates can be edited to suit your needs. To edit a template:

  1. Click Settings > Clinical.

  2. Click the template categories on the left to expand the template lists.

  3. Click the template you would like to change.

  4. Click the Edit icon on the right to make changes. If you want to create a new template that is similar to an existing template, click the Create Copies (circular arrow) icon.

  5. For copies, select the Practitioners who will have access to this template. If none are selected, it will be available for all within the group.

  6. Make any changes you require. You can also:

    • upload files that are linked each time the template is chosen; and

    • add referral types or select fees associated with this template. Each time the referral or fee is used for an appointment or invoice, the clinical template appears by default.

  7. Click Save.

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