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Halaxy integrates with LanternPay so you can process claims for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe Victoria within Halaxy. Claims processed in Halaxy automatically appear in your LanternPay practitioner portal, and payments are usually received in your account the next business day.

If you require assistance with issues regarding LanternPay online claiming, contact LanternPay at 1800 805 780.


Each LanternPay claim successfully processed in Halaxy costs 1 credit. LanternPay fees may differ by claim type. For more information, please check the LanternPay website.


If you set up LanternPay prior to 17 June 2021, your existing connection (which will be marked as "depreciated") will only be able to process TAC claims. You can create a new connection at no extra charge, then remove your previous connection. This allows you to process TAC, WorkSafe Victoria and NDIS claims.



Eligibility information


  • LanternPay only processes agency-managed (NDIA) claims.

  • Plan managers and self-managed claims are not supported.

  • For agency-managed claims, you must sign up for NDIS APIs with LanternPay, which registers your interest. LanterPay will contact you to guide you through the process. You must have a PRODA account to complete the process. For more information, see LanternPay's support article support article.

  • Claims will not be processed without going through the activation process with LanternPay directly.

WorkSafe Victoria

LanternPay currently supports WorkSafe Victoria claims for:

  • General practitioners (GP)

  • Pharmacy

  • Physiotherapy and hydroptherapy

For updates on supported WorkSafe Victoria claims, see LanternPay's support article.

Connect your LanternPay account to Halaxy

Note: You must have a LanternPay account before you start this process. Make sure to register at the LanternPay website.

  1. In Halaxy, click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under the Payments / Rebates section, next to LanternPay, click Add Connection.

    The Payments/Rebates section, with the Add Connection button to the right of the LanternPay label.
  3. In the Add LanternPay Connection pop-up, select the level to apply your LanternPay connection.

    • Group: Applies to all practitioners in the group, allowing all practitioners to use the same account. Payments are processed to the one account.

    • Clinic: Applies to all practitioners at the specified practice location only. Useful when multiple practice locations use different biller accounts, and payments are processed to different accounts depending on the practice location. You can choose the specific clinics that can process claims.

    • Individual: Applies to a single practitioner only. These settings can be set to affect the practitioner at a specific location or across all their locations. You can nominate which practitioners will have access to the account.

  4. Add a description for your own records and select your discipline.

  5. Click Connect.

  6. In the LanternPay login page, sign into your LanternPay account to authorise the connection.


Your LanternPay and Halaxy accounts are now connected. You are now ready to process claims using LanternPay.

Delete your LanternPay connection

To disconnect LanternPay from Halaxy, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.

  2. Under the Payments / Rebates section, next to your LanternPay connection, click the Icon-X.svg X icon.


To close your LanternPay account, contact LanternPay directly.

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