Read Only Access


Users with Read Only Access are able to view any module in your Halaxy practice group that you give them access to, but they are not able to make any changes. This is useful if you need to give a access to their own records but you do not want them making new appointments or any other changes.

You must have Full Access to be able to give a user Read Only Access.

To give a user Read Only Access:

  1. Click Settings > Users.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of the user.

    In the Settings > Users page, the Edit icon to change a user's access levels is highlighted
  3. Set the Access level to any level other than Full Access (Personal Access is recommended).

  4. Tick the checkbox marked "Read Only Access". Tick the checkboxes next to any other module you wish to give the user Read Only Access to.

    In a user's access settings, the checkbox "Read Only Access" is ticked
  5. Click Save.

RESULT: The user will be able to view any module you ticked but will not be able to make any changes.

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