Deleting/Deactivating Users


Deactivating a user prevents them from logging in to your practice group, making them unable to access their calendar or patient records and unable to change any settings. Deactivated users appear in grey on your Users page.

Only users with Full Access can deactivate another user.

If you have Full Access, you can deactivate any user who does not have Full Access. If you wish to deactivate a user who also has Full Access, you must change their access level to a lower access level before you can deactivate them.

The user Edits a Full Access user to Personal Access level and saves, then deactivates the user.

Image: Deactivating a Full Access User (expand image)

To deactivate a user:

  1. Click Settings > Users. A list of users in each of your practice group appears.

    A list of users on the Users page, separated out into two different practice groups
  2. If the user has Full Access, click the Edit (pencil) icon to change their access level to a lower access level. If the user does not have Full Access, skip this step.

    The user edits a Full Access user's level to Personal Access
  3. Click the Deactivate User (X) icon to the right of the user you wish to deactivate.

    On the Settings > Users page, the icon to Deactivate a user is highlighted
  4. A confirmation pop-up appears. Click Submit to confirm that you want to remove the user.

    A pop-up titled "Remove User", confirming that a user would be deactivated

RESULT: The user will appear in your users list in grey (activated users appear in black). They will not be able to log in to your practice group and cannot access their calendar or patient records within your practice.

Read only access

If you wish to give a access to their own records but prevent them from making any changes to your practice, you may wish to give them Read Only Access instead of deactivating them.

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