Adding Your Bank Deposit Details to Receive Payments


To receive payments via Halaxy, you need to nominate a bank deposit account to receive payments into. You can add deposit accounts for the practice group as a whole, for individual clinics or for individual practitioners.

Only one group account can be added per practice group.

To add a deposit account:

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. In the Deposits section, click the Edit (pencil) icon to edit existing account details for the practice group, or click Add New to add new deposit account details for an individual clinic or practitioner.

  3. The Deposit Preferences pop-up appears. Add your Account Name, BSB and Account Number:

  4. Set your preferences as follows:

    • Deposit Method:

      • Select Separate Transactions to receive each payment as a separate transaction

      • Select Batched to receive a single batched transaction containing all the payments you received each day

    • Fee Allocation:

      • Select "Never assign" to bear payment processing fees yourself

      • Select "Always assign" to pass payment processing fees on to patients

      • Select Optional to be asked whether or not to assign payment processing fees whenever you manually process a payment

    • Payment Descriptor: This will appear on your patients' bank statements when they make a payment to you.

    • Phone Number: (Optional) Select a phone number to add to the descriptor on patients' bank statements when they make a payment to you. You can select numbers from your list of added phone numbers for each practice location.

  5. Click Save.

RESULT: Payments will be deposited into the nominated bank account. If you have set different deposit account settings at a clinic or individual level, payments will go into the relevant account based on the location or practitioner associated with the invoice.

How and when you are paid

Fees are processed electronically into the nominated bank account(s) set up in your Payments page under Settings. In group practices, the nominated bank account is set at a group level by default (meaning invoices for all practitioners in your practice group are paid into the one bank account), but practitioners with an appropriate access level can set payments to go into a different account based on the clinic location or the individual practitioner.

Fee payments from patients are processed into the Halaxy merchant account the day after the appointment and are then processed into your account, so you will generally receive the fee payment (minus transaction charges) two business days after the appointment. Note that payments processed after 9.00 P.M. AEST/AEDT are processed into the Halaxy merchant account the day after they are paid, so these will appear in your account one day later than usual.

You will also receive quarterly statements detailing payments processed in your practice and can run finance reports at any time.

Payments from the Halaxy merchant account will appear in your statement as "HX-[Invoice Number]" for invoice payments. For deposit payments, the payment will appear in your statement as "HX-[Patient ID]", where the patient ID is the number in the URL of the patient's profile (i.e.

For more information, please see Confirming that you have Received Payments.

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