Payment Limits


Your Payment Limit and Authorised Limit are designed to add more protection to your payments processed via Halaxy by preventing unusual transaction amounts from being wrongly processed by your practice.

The Payment Limits section of the Payments Setting page

Payment Limit

The Payment Limit is the maximum amount that you can process in a single transaction, manually or automatically. This measure helps prevent unusual transaction amounts from being wrongly processed via your Halaxy.

Your Payment Limit has been set based on your transaction history. You can change your limit by following the steps below.

Authorised Limit

Your Authorised Limit is the threshold beyond which the cardholder will have to verify the transaction via SMS. In this way, your Authorised Limit not only helps protect your patients from high-value unauthorised transactions, it also helps prevent credit/debit card disputes in the future by forcing the cardholder to actively authorise the payment.

For example, if your Authorised Limit is $400, you can process payments below $400 instantly, but whenever you process a payment higher than $400 the cardholder will receive a verification message via SMS and can accept or reject the charge.

The status of a request to authorise a payment can be viewed on an invoice by clicking the Payment status:

In the Payments section of an invoice, the Status of a payment is highlighted

This will bring up a payment history, including the status of payment authorisations:

A page titled Payment History, with details about the status of the SMS confirmation message


If the patient does not authorise the payment within 72 hours, the payment will be rejected and will need to be processed again.

Managing your Payment and Authorised Limits

You can manage your Payment and Authorised Limits from your Payments page. You can decrease your limits at any time; to increase your limits, we require you to contact us by following the steps below.

To decrease your limits or request an increase:

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. In the Payment Limits section, click the Edit icon.

    The Payment Settings page. The section titled "Payment Limits" is highlighted.
  3. To decrease your limits, enter your new Payment and/or Authorised Limits and click Save. Your Authorised Limit cannot be above your Payment Limit.

    A pop-up titled "Edit Payment Limit'. The Payment Limit and Authorised Limit fields are highlighted
  4. To increase your limits, click Request an increase here or contact us on

    A pop-up titled Edit Payment Limit. A hyperlink to request an increase is highlighted.

Requiring SMS payment authorisation by default for specific patients

You can configure individual patients to require SMS payment authorisation by default regardless of your usual authorised payment limit. This is useful for patients who want to ensure they approve every payment made to your practice, not matter how large or small.

To set SMS payment authorisation by default for a specific patient:

  1. Navigate to the patient's profile and click the Funding tab.

  2. In the Auto Payment and Rebate Preferences section, click the Edit icon to the right of "Auto-Payments".

  3. In the pop-up, tick the checkbox labelled "Payment Approval".

  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Whenever you process a payment for this patient, SMS authorisation is required by default no matter the amount. However, you can untick the checkbox labeled "Require SMS payment authorisation" for any individual transaction to use your usual authorised payment limit instead (meaning authorisation will only be required if the amount exceeds your authorised limit).

The Payment Approval checkbox is highlighted to require SMS authorisation.
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