Guide to Halaxy electronic payments

Setting up your payments is an important step to getting paid by patients and organisations.

The quickest and easiest way is to use Halaxy electronic payments, which allows you to process all payments within the Halaxy platform. With Halaxy payments, you can reduce no-shows and also eliminate the need to handle cash or use an EFTPOS terminal. Payments can even be automated so you can completely keep your financial admin work hands-free, giving you more time to focus on clinical work.

Alternatively, if you receive payments outside of Halaxy (e.g. cash, EFTPOS, Paypal, direct deposit), you can mark invoices as paid and select the payment method used.


You can choose to pass on processing fees to patients or deduct them from payments to you. See related article: Manage preferences for processing fees


Electronic payments processing is provided by Braintree/Paypal (AU), Hyperwallet/Paypal (EU) and Stripe, which are all protected by bank-grade encryption. As a security measure, card details are stored through our partners and not stored by Halaxy directly, so payment data is not stored with patient records and Halaxy cannot retrieve card details. For more information, refer to our blog articles on managing patient card details and our FAQ on card security, which you can share with your patients.

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For security reasons, you must have a verified profile to be able to process electronic payments in Halaxy .

Set up Halaxy payments

To quickly set up electronic payments on Halaxy, all you need to is:

  1. Enter your bank account details to receive your payments.

  2. Register your payments processing account. (This step is not required for Australian-based practices.)

    • Hyperwallet: European Union (EU)

    • Stripe: Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)

    If your country is not listed here, please email us an expression of your interest.

  3. Recommended: Enter your patients' card payment details in their patient profile. (You can invite patients to securely add their payment details themselves through intake forms or the patient portal.)

When you complete these steps, you are ready to start processing electronic payments in Halaxy.

Schedule automatic payments

Set up your payments to process automatically for you at a specified schedule without you needing to do anything. Automatic payments can be configured for your practice group, for specific locations or individual practitioners.

  1. Click Settings > Payments.

  2. Under the Payment Processing section, click the Icon-Edit.svg edit icon. (If you want to set up a processing schedule for a location or practitioner, click Add New.)

  3. In the pop-up, select the setting for payment processing:

    • Automatic after appointment starts: Process each invoice payment at a specified number of minutes from the start time of the appointment.

    • Automatic daily: Process invoice payments collectively at a specified Process time each day. This option includes additional settings:

      • Appointments to process: Select which appointments to include for daily payments processing:

        • Past appointments: Process payments only for previous appointments up to the processing time for today. (For example, if your automatic daily processing time is at 9:00 AM, you'll process payments for appointments from 9:00 AM yesterday up to 8:59 AM today.

        • Whole day: Process payments for all appointments scheduled between 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Any new appointments created past the processing time will be processed the following day. (For example, if your automatic daily processing time is at 9:00 AM, you'll process payments for the day's pre-scheduled appointments for 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. However, if a patient walks in that same day for a 2:00 PM appointment, their payment will be processed the following day at 9:00 AM.)

      • (If whole day is selected) Process schedule: Set the date schedule to automatically process payments for appointments. You can process for same day or up to 3 days prior to appointments. (If you opt to process payments in advance, make sure your patients are aware of and agree to your terms. With online bookings, you can require consent to terms and conditions.)

  4. (Optional) Select any fees you want to exclude from automatic processing.

  5. (Optional) Tick the checkbox Apply these changes to all future invoices if you want to apply automatic processing to existing future-dated invoices. If unticked, the change only applies to new invoices.

  6. Click Save.

Automatic payments applies to appointments with an appointment status of Arrived, Attended, Booked or Confirmed.

If you don't want an individual appointment to automatically process a payment, you can cancel the scheduled payment from the invoice.


To successfully use automatic payments processing, add your patients' card payment details in their profile, which they can also add themselves through patient intake forms or their patient portal.


By default, Halaxy sets the appointment status to Attended at the time of the appointment. You can disable this in the appointment settings.

Manually process payments

Payments can be individually processed from an invoice as needed.

  1. Open the invoice.

  2. Under the Payments section, click Process Now. (If you have not yet stored the patient's payment information yet, click Add Payment Details and enter their card details.)

  3. In the pop-up, configure the following:

    • Amount: Enter the payment you are receiving for the invoice.

    • Assign processing fees to the patient: Select if you want to charge the processing fees to the patient. If you select No, the processing fees are deducted from the payment when it is transferred to your bank account.

      • Yes: The patient pays the processing fees, which are added on top of the invoice payment.

      • No: The practice pays the processing fees, which are deducted from the payment before it is transferred to your bank account.

    • Payment approval (recommended): Tick the checkbox to require SMS payment authorisation from the payer.

    • Notes (optional): Enter any notes for this this payment.

  4. Click Process.

You receive a notification if the payment was successful or unsuccessful. For more details on the transaction, view the invoice payment history.


Once an electronic payment is processed, you cannot delete the appointment or invoice.

Request electronic payment from patients

You can request patients to pay directly at their own discretion through these ways:


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