Appointment Settings


Appointment Settings allow you to better manage your appointments within the Calendar. They also allow you to set up Appointment Types and cancellation reasons.

To access Appointment Settings, click Settings > General and find the Appointment Settings section.

The Appointment Settings card in the General Settings page

Appointment Settings can be updated at a group, clinic or individual practitioner level, giving you further flexibility when running your practice.

Click Add New to add new settings for a particular clinic or practitioner. Click the Edit (pencil) icon next to any group, clinic or practitioner to edit settings for that level.

Automatically mark appointments as Attended

With Halaxy, you can have your appointments automatically marked as "Attended" when the time comes for an appointment. This saves you valuable time so you can focus on your patients.

To enable this:

  1. From the Settings > General page, click the Edit (pencil) icon beside the group/practitioner level.

  2. Select Yes under "Automatically mark appointment statuses as attended".

    A pop-up titled Edit Appointment Settings. An individual practitioner is selected.
  3. Click Save.

Cancellation Reasons

Your Appointment Settings give you the option of customising and creating cancellation reasons. This means that when a patient cancels or postpones an appointment, you can easily select a reason from the list. The cancellation reason appears in the appointment details as well as in Appointments Reports, giving you full oversight of your practice.

You can set up your cancellation reasons by clicking View All next to "Cancellation Reasons" in your Appointment Settings.


A list of Preset Cancellation Reasons will appear. You can use the preset selection, or you can add your own individual reasons.

To add your own reasons, click Add A New Cancellation Reason and type a reason in the text field that appears.

A pop-up titled "Edit Cancellation Reasons". The fields to add custom reasons are highlighted.

Once you have created your cancellation reasons, set them to Active by ticking the checkboxes next to them. If you do not wish a cancellation reason to appear when you cancel an appointment, untick the checkbox.

Appointment Types and Tasks

Under your Appointment Settings, you can also set up your Appointment Types and Tasks/To-do lists by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon beside them.

The Appointment Settings card in the General Settings page

Fee Categories

Under your Appointment Settings, you can also set up your fee categories. Fee categories are shown on your finance reports, so you can use fee categories to gain better oversight of your practice. You can also assign fee categories to go to different revenue charts of accounts in your integrated accounting package.

To view your fee categories, click View All next to "Fee Category List" in your Appointment Settings.

In the Appointment Settings section, next to "Fee Category List", "View All" is highlighted
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