Communication Templates


Communication templates are templates for your SMS and email messages.

Communication templates can also be used as cover sheets for fax messages.

You can use communication templates in one-off correspondence, in Campaigns or when sending a Patient Intake Form.

Creating a communication template

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. In the Clinical Settings section, click the pencil icon next to Communication Templates.

    In General Settings, under Clinical Settings, "Communication Templates" is highlighted
  3. In the top-right corner of the page, click Add Email or Add SMS depending on the means of communication you wish to use, or click Add Fax to create a fax cover sheet.

  4. Set the title and description (and the subject line if creating an email template) and then set the status to Active in order to make the template available for use.

  5. Enter the content of your template in the Content section. If creating a fax cover sheet or email template, you can format the text and insert images, tables and hyperlinks. You can also include dynamic terms which will populate once the final message is generated.

  6. (Optional - email only) Click Add File to attach a file. This file will automatically be sent as an email attachment whenever you use the communication template.

    While editing an email communication template, the user clicks Add File
  7. Click Submit to save your template.


The maximum size for an SMS message is 800 characters.

Editing/Deleting/Archiving a template

You can edit an existing communication template by clicking Settings > General, then clicking the pencil icon next to Communication templates under Clinical Settings and selecting the template from the list.

Once in the Edit screen you can delete an unwanted template by clicking the red Delete button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

You can also archive a template that you may no longer be using but do not wish to delete.


Once you have archived or edited your template click Submit to save your changes.

Editing a communication template for Patient Intake Forms

If you are sending a patient intake form, your communication template will need to include the Online Form Link dynamic term. This is the link that patients need to click in order to complete their intake form securely online.

When creating the communication template, click the Dynamic Terms box and select Online Form Link from the drop-down menu.


Click Submit to save your changes.

Using an email or SMS communication template

You can use a communication template in a one-off correspondence, in conjunction with the Campaigns feature or when sending a patient intake form. To use a communication template, select the template from the drop-down menu when sending the correspondence.

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