Professional Contacts


Your Professional Contacts list lets you keep track of referrers and other health professionals through Halaxy. This lets you build a network of health practitioners with whom you may share patients, allowing you to securely share information for better health outcomes.

Each professional contact has a profile in your Professional Contacts list (click Contacts > Professionals). This lets you update their provider number, contact details and areas of focus. You can also view referrals that the professional contact has made to you, including referral date, referral type, patient name and funding body.


Image: A professional contact's profile in Halaxy (expand image)


You can only record one provider number and one business address for a professional contact. If the professional contact works at two practices, you can create another profile for them using the details from the other practice.

Manually adding a professional contact to your Professional Contacts list and editing their profile

Professionals you have communicated with via secure messaging or who have made referrals to you will automatically automatically appear in your Professional Contacts list. However, you can also add professional contacts manually.

To add a professional contact manually:

  1. Click Contacts > Professionals.

  2. Click Add Professional Contact at the top-right of the page.

  3. Add the practitioner details and their practice details as desired. If you need to add a new practice to their profile, click Add New Practice at the top-right of the page.

  4. Click Save.

RESULT: The professional contact will now have a profile. To make further edits to the professional contact's profile, click Edit Professional Contact at the top-right of their profile page.

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