Training Videos


Want a video look at how to get started in Halaxy? Check out our training videos!

Getting started and basic set-up

How to get started in Halaxy in less than 5 minutes:

Creating appointments and the basic workflow of Halaxy

Learn the basic workflow of Halaxy and how to manage your entire practice right from your calendar:

Invoices and automatic payments and rebates processing

Learn everything you need about invoices and how to process payments and rebates in Halaxy - including how to make payments completely automatic:

Online consultations and Coviu integration

How to use telehealth and video conferencing in Halaxy, including how to directly integrate with Coviu so you can use telehealth directly within Halaxy and without needing to log in to Coviu:

Private health insurance claiming in Halaxy with Medipass

Process private health insurance rebates directly from your Halaxy invoices and get paid by insurers in one business day:

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