Managing Multiple Practitioners at a Location in a Group Practice


Adding and deleting/archiving practitioners from a particular location in group practices

You can add a practitioner to a location by clicking Add Practitioner in the relevant location's section on the Locations page (Personal > Locations).

On the Locations page, the Add Practitioner button is highlighted

Adding a practitioner to a location allows them to create appointments at that location and use the location's information in reports.

You can delete or archive a practitioner from a location by clicking the Delete icon to the right of their name at that location. Removing a practitioner from a location means that the location will not appear as an option when creating an appointment. Depending on their access level, it may also remove their ability to see practice or financial information related to that location.


If a practitioner has seen a patient at a location, you can only archive them from the location, not delete them.


You can "un-archive" an archived practitioner from a location by clicking the Delete icon next to their name at the location and selecting the Un-archive option.

Adding practitioner-specific company registration numbers (e.g. ABN)

You can add an individual company registration number/ABN for each practitioner at each location where they practice in addition to entering a location-wide ABN. If you add an individual ABN for a practitioner, it will appear instead of of the location ABN on invoices for that practitioner at that location.

To edit an individual practitioner's ABN:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Find the practitioner's name for the relevant location and click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the "ABN In Use" field:

    The Tax ID In Use field, shown beneath the practitioner's name on the Locations page
  3. Enter the practitioner's individual ABN and click Save.

RESULT: The practitioner's individual ABN will be shown on their invoices from this location instead of the location's ABN.


A practitioner can have a different ABN in Use for each practice location.

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