How do I see the response a patient sends from a two-way reminder?


If you have two-way reminders set up on your account, the patient is able to respond to the SMS reminder message that you send them and confirm their appointment.

If the patient responds with a message that does not begin with "Yes" or "No", the appointment will appear as amber in your calendar. As mentioned in the article for Appointment Reminders on your calendar, amber means that either the reminder failed to send or the response needs to be checked.

You can view the response a patient sends to a two-way reminder by clicking the appointment on the calendar, then clicking the bell (Notifications_Icon.png) icon in the Appointment Information form on the right. You can see the response that the patient has sent by hovering your cursor over the magnifying glass (Search_Icon.png) beside the SMS reminder.


Once you have checked out the response that you received from the reminder, you can change the appointment colour in your calendar by selecting the status of the appointment from the appointment drop-down. To change the status of the appointment:

  1. From the calendar, click the appointment that you would like to change the status for.

  2. Click the Edit (pencil) icon beside the Appointment Information.

  3. In the Status drop-down, select the appropriate status i.e. "Confirmed".


RESULT: The appointment status will be updated, and the colour of the appointment time will change accordingly (e.g. if the status is set to Confirmed, the colour of the appointment time label will change to green).

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