Vouchers can be applied to any patient's profile in Halaxy and work the same way as deposits. This allows you to accept prepayment and gives you more flexibility in how you receive payment.

For the purposes of finance reports, vouchers are counted as income on the date you specify when adding the voucher.


Image: Adding a $100 voucher to a patient's profile (expand image)

To add a voucher:

  1. Navigate to the patient's profile.

  2. On the General tab, in the Appointments Overview section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to Fee Balance.

  3. The Patient Credits / Balance pop-up appears. Click Add New and select Voucher.

  4. Enter the Amount, Notes (if applicable) and the date that the voucher is counted as income. If the voucher applies only to a specific clinic or practitioner, select the clinic and/or practitioner. If no clinic or practitioner is selected, the voucher is applicable to all clinics and practitioners.

  5. Click Save.

RESULT: The voucher can now be applied as a deposit to an invoice. If you selected a specific clinic or practitioner, the voucher can only be used for that clinic or practitioner.

To use a voucher, navigate to an invoice for the patient and click Deposit next to the fee. Note that the button will not be visible if the voucher is not applicable to the invoice.


Alternatively, follow these steps to use a voucher to mark an invoice as paid:

  1. From the voucher, click Mark as Paid next to the fee.

  2. In the "Use existing deposit" drop-down menu, select the voucher.

  3. Click Save.

The invoice will only take the amount needed to pay the balance owing; the rest can be applied to future invoices.

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