How do I void or write off a fee / invoice?


The benefit of writing off fees is that you void the fee whilst keeping a record of the fee and at the same time reducing the balance to zero. This removes the fee from the Unpaid Invoice Report.

If you have several fees outstanding on the one invoice, you can void each fee.

If you have fees outstanding from several invoices, you can group the unpaid fees, then void each fee (NOTE: If you want to keep track of the invoice numbers, it is best not to group the invoices together).

To group the fees:

  1. Open the latest invoice and click the Merge icon at the bottom-right of the Fees & Charges section.

  2. Select whether you want to view All Invoices or only Unpiad Invoices.

  3. Tick the invoices you want to group, then click Submit.

  4. You can now void the fees as described above.

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