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As a healthcare practitioner, you may be registered with one or more funding body, each one assigning you a provider number (or equivalent identifier). Funding bodies require practitioners to add these provider numbers, and sometimes other necessary identification, to invoices.

Instead of having to manually add these numbers every time you issue an invoice, you can set up each funding body’s required identification types then add a practitioner's details for each required identification.

This way, whenever you generate an invoice for that funding body, the associated provider numbers or identifications are automatically shown.


  • Funding body: National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

  • Original identification requirement: Show NDIS registration number on invoice.

  • New identification requirement: The practitioner's AHPRA registration number must also be included in the invoice.

Practitioners who need to process NDIS claims can set up their NDIS funder settings to automatically show both identification types on every NDIS-related invoice.

Set up required identification for funding bodies

  1. Go to Finances > Fees, then click the Funders tab.

  2. In the list, click the funding body you wish to edit.

  3. Under the Edit section, you can find the optional fields Identification (primary), Identification (secondary), and Additional Identification. Enter the labels (not the actual provider number) for any identification required to confirm eligibility to claim. Examples: Medicare provider number, TAC payee number, AHPRA.

  4. Click Save.


If you are part of multiple practice groups, you will need to do this process for each practice group.

Add provider numbers and identification

You can add provider numbers and identification for funding bodies in two ways: in the Identifications page, or through the invoice.

Add in Identifications page

  1. Go to Finances > Fees, then click the Identifications tab.

  2. Click Edit. (If you are making updates for another practitioner, first select their name in the Practitioner dropdown, then click Edit.)

  3. Add all the necessary provider/identification numbers for each funding body for each practice location.

  4. Click Save.

Add through invoice

  1. Open any invoice with the relevant funding body selected in the fee.

  2. In the Identification section, select the Icon-Edit.svg Edit icon.

  3. Add in the necessary provider/identification numbers for the funding body.

  4. Click Save. This saves the identification numbers for all invoices for this funding body at the indicated practice location.

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