Provider Numbers and Identifications


Your Identifications page can be accessed by clicking Finances > Fees, then clicking the Identifications tab. This screen shows all your funders and associated provider numbers and identifications for each of your clinic locations. Whenever you create an invoice for that location and funder, the associated provider number or identification is shown on the invoice.

Click Edit in the top-right to add identification numbers for each funder/location.

The user clicks Edit then enters different identification numbers in the fields that appear

Image: Adding a provider number for a location (expand image)

Full Access and Clinical Access users can also update other practitioner's identifications by clicking the Practitioner button and selecting the name of the practitioner they wish to update before clicking Edit.

On the Identifications page, the Practitioner selector is highlighted

Alternatively, you can enter your Provider Number from an invoice. In the Identification section of an invoice, click the Edit (pencil) icon:

The Practitioner Details section of an invoice. The Edit icon under "Identification" is highlighted

Enter the Provider Number and click Save. This adds the Provider Number for all your invoices at that location.


NOTE: If you have changed locations, it is important that you let Medicare know so that they can link this new provider number with your Halaxy Location ID (found in Settings > Users) and your bank account.

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