How do I add claim details?


Claim details can be added as part of creating an appointment. Click the appointment on the calendar or from the appointment list.

Based on the selected fee, there will be a claim section (which may be called "Medicare claim", "NDIS claim" etc. based on the fee) beneath the Patient Details section.

If the invoice has not been added to the patient, you can add this on the patient's Funding page by following these steps:

  1. Go to the patient's profile by clicking their name from the patient list or from an appointment.

  2. Click the Funding tab.

  3. Click New Claim at the top-right of the page. The Create Patient Claim screen appears.

  4. Enter the name of the funder (such as Medicare, DVA or NDIS).

  5. Complete all relevant details. The details required are different depending on the funder. You may be asked to enter anyone of the following: Reference Number, Claim Number, Defence Approval Number or similar.

  6. Click Next.

The claim will now be visible in the Claim and Referrals section.

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