I can’t see my clinical notes. Where have they disappeared to?


If a patient's clinical notes list is much shorter than expected, It is likely that you have accidentally filtered your clinical notes list to only display certain notes, such as appointment notes or referral-related notes, or notes only within a specific time.

Click the Expand (+) icon next to "Update Note Filters" to view and update your filters:


To remove all filters, delete the dates from the date fields and ensure you select "All" in the note type field.

Whether or not you can see clinical notes may also depend on your access level. If you save a clinical note and it immediately disappears, check your access level and whether you are listed as one of the patient's practitioners on their patient profile.

Please also see My clinical notes are being deleted/overwritten. Help!.

If you have removed all of your filters and still cannot find the note you are looking for, please email us at community@halaxy.com with the patient ID (this is in your browser address bar, e.g. "halaxy.com/a/pr/patient/xxxxxx" where xxxxxx is the patient ID), the name of the clinical note and the date of the clinical note.

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