Sharing Clinical Notes


Where you deem it clinically appropriate, you can share a clinical note with:

  • Another practitioner in your group whose access level would otherwise not let them access the clinical note (e.g. if the practitioner has Personal Access and so can only see their own direct patients' records and not other practitioners' patients' records), which is particularly helpful when the practitioner must treat the patient unexpectedly;

  • practitioners outside your practice group via secure messaging using ReferralNet or Argus; or

  • the patient themself (you can also assign them a clinical tool to complete)

When emailing a clinical note, you can choose which attachments are shared, so you can customise exactly which aspects of a patient's record are shared.

You can turn on or off the ability to share patient records and assign tools to patients on your Settings page (this feature is turned on by default).

Sharing clinical notes with practitioners outside your practice group using secure messaging

To share clinical notes with practitioners outside your practice group, please read about secure messaging in Halaxy.

Sharing clinical notes with practitioners in your practice group or the patient

To share a clinical note, click the small arrow to the right of the Save or Revert button (if the note is in Draft status, sharing the note converts it to Published status) and select whether you want to share it with the patient or another practitioner in your group. If you select that you want to share the clinical note with another practitioner in your group, select the practitioner's name from the Practitioner drop-down menu. You can also select that you want to share not just this clinical note but the entire patient file with the practitioner.

After you click Save, the record is made available to the other practitioner in their Patients List and the patient's profile, or in the patient's Halaxy patient portal.

Clinical Notes Message History

Clinical notes that have been emailed have a message history that lets you see when the note was emailed and the status of the email.

To access the message history for a clinical note, navigate to the note and click View next to Message History. This will only appear if the note has previously been emailed.

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