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Halaxy is not just software for practitioners; Halaxy is a global platform for and patients, making health better all over the world. Halaxy is growing and building services for patients, including directories, online bookings, clinical tracking tools and other unique services, to support their treatment and enhance their health in consultation with their care team, while also helping to reduce your administration in managing appointments as well as patient profiles and records.

Searchable directories

Using Halaxy's searchable practitioner directories, patients (and their GPs/physicians) can find the right practitioner for them from directories that cover practitioners of all professions in each country and incorporate not just location information but also expertise (e.g. in childhood autism over adult depression, or breast cancer over bowel cancer) to form the broadest, deepest, most exhaustive searchable directory in each country. Current directory profiles cover key English-speaking countries in the world, and have been developed using publicly available information. You can claim and update your own profile using information on your profile. You can also determine whether to appear on the directory or not, depending on your practice's capacity to see new patients.

Online bookings

New and existing patients can find and book online with you (and other members of their care team) either through the Halaxy directory or directly from practitioners' websites. Online bookings help patients find and book with the right practitioner for them and help to reduce your administration, while also growing your practice to new patients and referrers. Patients do not need to log in, create or have a Halaxy account to book online with you.

When a patient books online with you, they either select a specific time for the appointment (e.g. April 1, 10am) or select specific time period (e.g. April 1, morning), depending on whether you have set up time-specific or request-based online bookings. After they have entered their details, they are verified and then the booking is sent to you.

You receive notification of the booking with the time set either:

  • by the patient for time-specific online bookings; or

  • automatically for request-based bookings, because Halaxy chooses the available appointment time within the time period chosen by the patient.

After you have completed the online booking by selecting the fee and saving the appointment, the appointment is treated just like any other appointment with reminders and notifications sent to the patient.

Patient portal

The patient portal enables patients to log in to Halaxy to track their health, track their appointments, pay for invoices, and create a list of their practitioners in Halaxy. They can also share this information with family members by inviting them to access their patient portal and setting an appropriate level of access for them.

You can also assign patients clinical tools and templates to complete in their patient portal to track their health.

Your suggestions

Do you use a tool or assessment to support your patients that you would like integrated into Halaxy? We're always open to suggestions! Please email your suggestions

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