Group Online Bookings


Group Online Bookings allow you create appointments that multiple patients can book into online. This is ideal for group sessions, such as yoga or pilates classes.

NOTE: This article is about appointments where multiple patients can book online into a single session. If you wish to add additional patients to an appointment yourself, you can simply click on any given appointment in your calendar, click the Edit (pencil) icon and then click Add Another Patient.

Creating an Appointment Type for group online bookings

To create a group online booking, you should first create a new appointment type. Once you have done this, you can create appointments in your calendar using this appointment type whenever you wish to schedule a group booking.

To create a group online booking appointment type:

  1. First, enable Appointment Types and go to the Appointment Types screen (Click Settings > General, then click the Edit icon next to "Appointment Types" in the Appointment Settings section).

  2. Click Add New Appointment Type and give your new appointment type a title.

  3. In the "Allow Online Booking" drop-down, select "Yes - only appointments matching the type".

  4. Set the maximum number of patients and duration.

  5. Click Save.

RESULT: You have now created your new appointment type and can now add group sessions using this appointment type to your calendar whenever you wish.

Scheduling a group appointment that is bookable online

  1. In your calendar, create an appointment at the time that you wish to schedule the group appointment.

  2. In the Appointment Type drop-down, select the appointment type you created. You do not necessarily need to enter a patient or fee:

  3. Click Save.

RESULT: When making an online booking, patients are able to select the appointment type as their desired service and will then be shown only time slots where you have created appointments using this specific appointment type. They can then select a time slot to request a booking.

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