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Online Bookings allow your patients to book appointments directly into your calendar using Halaxy's free online booking service, available through the Halaxy directory or embedded directly into your own website.

A page to fill in the patient's details for an online booking.

With the option of time-specific or request-based online bookings, as well as the ability to approve or reject an appointment before it is confirmed, Halaxy gives you complete flexibility to set different preferences for each practitioner at each of your practice locations.

After you have confirmed an online booking, the appointment is automatically added to your Calendar and handled in the same way as any other appointment, including being subject to SMS and email reminders. Your patient receives a booking confirmation with a link to view their appointment details or cancel their appointment.

Enabling your directory profile and online bookings

Before you can enable online bookings, your directory profile must be visible in the Halaxy directory.

Making your directory profile visible

  1. Click Personal > Profile.

  2. Click Directory Profile Preferences.

    On a practitioner's profile, the Directory Profile Preferences button is highlighted
  3. Set your Directory profile to be "Public" or "Enabled not searchable" ("Enabled not searchable" means that your profile is visible and can be linked to, but it will not appear in search results when someone searches the Halaxy directory).

    A pop-up titled Booking Preferences. Under Directory profile, "Public" is selected.

RESULT: Your profile is now listed in the Halaxy directory, and you can now enable online bookings for any of your locations.

Enabling Online Bookings for a location and editing your preferences

After making your directory profile visible, you can enable Online Bookings for any of your locations. Each location will have its own settings and preferences. Each location will also have a different link for its online bookings page.

To enable Online Bookings for a location:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. For the location and practitioner you want to enable online bookings for, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the Online Bookings and Profile Preferences section:

    Under a location, a practitioner's Online Bookings and Profile Preferences Edit icon is highlighted
  3. You will now be in the Edit Practice Booking Preferences screen:

    The Online Bookings Preferences page for a practitioner
  4. In the Directory Profile section, set your profile to Public. This is required for patients to be able to make online bookings.

  5. In the Directory Profile section, choose to make your phone number, street address, email address and hours Public or Hidden as desired. If you would like patients to be able to email you but do not wish to display your email address, set your Email to "Hidden" but tick the "Contact Button" checkbox.

  6. In the Directory Profile section, choose whether to make fees public or hidden. For more information, see What fees and services appear on my Online Bookings page?.

  7. In the Online Bookings section, set Online Bookings to Enabled.

  8. Set your Online Booking Preferences and click Submit.

RESULT: Your online bookings are now enabled for the location, and patients can make or request bookings through the Halaxy directory.


Your availability for online bookings is based on the hours you set at that practice. The default consultation type (physical, online or phone) set in your schedule will also apply to online bookings made within those hours.

The exception is if your default consultation type is set to Home Visit - home visits cannot be automatically made online, so the location will be set to be a physical in-clinic appointment instead. You can manually change the location to be a home visit from your Calendar.

What fees and services appear on my Online Bookings page?

When making an online booking, patients must select from a list of services you have chosen to make available. The services available are based on two things:

  • all current fees in your Fees List that are set to "Visible" (if you have your Fees set to Public in your Directory Profile Settings; otherwise no fees will be visible)

  • Appointment Types that you have set to Active and bookable online. If the Appointment Type has a fee that is set to Visible, the fee amount will also be displayed.

If you have set an Appointment Location Type for your fees, your list of services will be categorised according to Appointment Location Type (in-clinic, phone consultation, online consultation, or no specification). When a patient books an appointment, the appointment location in your Halaxy calendar will automatically be set to in-clinic, phone consultation or online consultation according to the fee's Appointment Location Type.

A practitioner's online bookings page, with fees sorted by in-clinic, online and phone

You can change whether or not your fees as a whole are visible on your Online Bookings page by editing your Directory Profile preferences (see Step 5 in Enabling Online Bookings and editing your Directory Profile preferences, above). You can then set the visibility of each individual fees in your Fees List; by default, fees are set to Hidden.

If fees are set to Hidden in your Directory Profile settings, your Online Bookings page will only display Appointment Types that you have to set Active and bookable online, regardless of the visibility settings of individual fees. However, if the Appointment Type has a fee attached, the price is only displayed if the fee is set to Visible.

You can check if a fee is visible by clicking on it in the Fees List. The visibility is shown in the Pricing section:

In the Pricing section of a fee, the Visibility column says the word "Hidden".

Click the Edit (pencil) icon to change the fee visibility.


You can only set appointment fees to be bookable online; it is not possible to add item or pro rata fees to your Online Bookings page, even if they have been made visible in your Halaxy.

Requesting prepayment, a deposit or card capture when making an online booking

You can request full payment, a percentage deposit or card details when a patient makes an online booking. To enable these options:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Find the practice location you wish to enable a deposit for. In the Online Bookings and Profile Preferences section, click the Edit (pencil) icon.

  3. Scroll down to the payments section. In the drop-down menu, select "Full Payment, "Deposit required" or "Card capture". For deposits, set how much of the fee total as a percentage you want your patients to pay upfront as a deposit.

    In the Payments section, the drop-down menu says "Deposit required" and the percentage is set to 50
  4. Click Submit.

RESULT: When a patient is booking an appointment, they will have to enter their card details and/or pay, which will be reflected in their account within Halaxy.

A page that says "Review Payment Details", with total fee and deposit required.

How patients make an online booking

When you enable Online Bookings, your Online Bookings page is automatically built for you based on the details you have set to be visible in your Online Booking Preferences and which fees and Appointment Types you have set to be visible.

Patients can visit your directory profile or the directory profile for your clinic to make an online booking. The process is as follows:

  1. The patient selects the practitioner and service they require based on your visible fees:

    A list of fees and services on an online bookings page
  2. The patient selects a time slot in your calendar. They can choose to display times in a different time zone if they wish:

    A list of appointment time slots for an online booking


    By default, appointment time slots for online bookings are shown in the clinic's time zone, but patients can select their own time zone when making a booking. This does not affect future bookings or the patient's time zone in their patient profile.

    Please note that appointment reminders will use the patient's time zone as defined in their patient profile. If no time zone is set for the patient, appointment reminders will use the clinic time zone.

  3. The patient fills in their details and adds any appointment notes they want you to see:

    A page to fill in the patient's details for an online booking.
  4. If this is the patient's first booking, the patient receives a verification code sent to their mobile phone. They enter this code into the booking form to verify their details. This is required for security, confidentiality and medical ethics purposes.

If the verification code is entered correctly, the booking is sent through to you and the patient receives confirmation via email that their online booking (or online booking request) has been sent to you. This email contains a link the patient can use to view the appointment details, access the telehealth session or cancel the appointment as required.

You can edit the confirmation email in your Online Booking Preferences. If the verification code is entered incorrectly, the patient can request that the verification code is resent and they can re-enter it.

If the patient's name, email address and phone number match a patient profile in your Patient List, the patient only needs to be verified the first time that they make an online booking and never needs to be verified again. Patients without a matching patient name, email address and phone number must complete the verification each time they make an online booking.

Online booking notifications

When a patient has made or requested an online booking, you are notified in three ways:

  1. A notification appears on your dashboard (the bell icon at the top of the screen);

    A notification titled "Appointment Requested"
  2. by email or SMS (if you have enabled email or SMS online booking notifications); and

  3. the appointment appears on your calendar.

Click the Notifications (bell) icon to view booking details. You can see:

  • The patient's name, which you can click to go to their patient profile;

  • The booking time or requested time of the booking, which you can view by clicking Appointment to go to the appointment on your calendar (where you can accept the request by setting the Appointment Status to Booked);

  • Booking notes from the patient about the appointment; and

  • The Confirm button (if you have online bookings set to make appointments in Pending or Waiting List status).

Online booking notifications will remain in your Notifications list even after you have made the appointment. You can remove the notification by clicking Dismiss.

Accepting online bookings

If you have online bookings set to make appointments in Booked status, online bookings are automatically accepted when they are made by the patient.

If you have online bookings set to make appointments in Pending or Waiting List status, you can click the Confirm button in the notification or set the appointment status to Booked to confirm the booking.

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