List your profile in Halaxy's online directory


Once you are verified, you can list your profile in Halaxy's online directory and online bookings service, which is automatically integrated into your Halaxy calendar and allows you to grow and promote your practice to new patients and referrers.

New and existing patients can book directly with you through the Halaxy directory or through your website linked to the Halaxy directory.

You have flexibility to choose the level of information shown on your profile, as well as set a variety of online bookings preferences. You can tailor these options for each practitioner at each practice location.


To enable your directory profile and online bookings, you must get verified by Halaxy.

Enable or disable your directory profile

You can make your profile Visible, Hidden, or Enabled but not Searchable in the Halaxy directory (meaning that only users you provide with the link can find your profile).

To change the visibility of your profile:

  1. Click Personal > Profile.

  2. Click Directory Profile Preferences.

    On a practitioner's profile, the Directory Profile Preferences button is highlighted
  3. In the pop-up, select whether you want to make your directory profile public, hidden, or enabled but not searchable.

    Under Booking Preferences, the Directory Profile option is set to "Enabled not searchable"
  4. Click Save.

Add a profile photo

You can choose to add a your photograph to personalise your Halaxy profile. Adding your photograph can increase the number of patients and referrers who contact you, and can increase number of completed online bookings that you receive.

To add a photo to your profile that will appear in your online directory profile:

  1. Click Personal > Profile.

  2. Click the circular icon to the left of your name. This may contain your initials or your current profile photo.

    On the Profile page, the photo icon next to the practitioner's name is highlighted
  3. Click Upload File to select an image from your computer, or click-and-drag a photo into the box. JPG, JPEG and PNG files are accepted.

  4. Click Save.

RESULT: Your profile will now have a photo that will appear in your online directory. You can delete the photo by clicking the X icon when hovering your cursor over the photo.


Your photo is automatically scaled to a maximum height and width of 200px, and it appears on your directory profile when your profile is visible.

Manage contact information on your profile

If your profile is set to Public in the Directory Profile section of your Personal page, you can set the level of contact information shown on your profile for each practice location. You can choose to have different levels of contact information shown for different practice locations in your practice, and for different practitioners in your practice.

You set the level of information displayed, click Personal > Locations, then click the Edit icon in the Online Bookings and Profile Preferences section for the relevant practitioner and location.

Under a location, a practitioner's Online Bookings and Profile Preferences Edit icon is highlighted

In the Directory Profile section, set whether you want each element to be public or hidden, then click Submit.



Phone (mobile)

The mobile phone number registered against your name on the Locations page for this practice location.

Phone (other)

Other phone numbers registered against your name on the Locations page for this practice location.

Street address

The street address listed for this practice location. If visible, the address is shown on a map on your profile. Change the setting to Hidden if you only want your suburb shown on the directory.

Email address

The contact email address listed on your Profile page.


When making an online booking, patients can select from services based on the fees and Appointment Types that you have made available. If you set this to Public, patients can select any fee you have set to Visible in the individual fee's settings. If you set this to Hidden, fees will not be visible even if they are set to Public on an individual level.

Appointment Types that are set to Active and bookable online are shown regardless of whether or not you have made fees visible. However, if the Appointment Type has a linked fee, the fee amount is not shown if you have set this option to Hidden.

Practice hours

Make your practice hours public to display your hours on your profile. Note that if you use Online Bookings, patients may be able to determine your availability through the time slots you make available. You can use request-based bookings in your Online Bookings Preferences to partially obscure this information.

Contact button

Tick this checkbox to create a Contact button on your profile that patients can use to email you without making your email address visible (the email is sent through Halaxy to you automatically without the patient seeing your email address). Ensure your email address is set to Hidden first.

Share your directory profile and online bookings calendar

You can share your directory profile and online bookings calendar with people by giving them a link to your specific profile in the Halaxy directory. You can obtain your directory profile link (which you can share with your patients, colleagues and referrers) by clicking Edit in the Profile screen, then copying the website code for the directory link using your keyboard or mouse.

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