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The Personal tab records your own professional details to be used in your invoices, as well as your qualifications, credentials and areas of focus which are shown on your directory profile when you have your profile set to be visible. Only your name and profession are shown on your invoices.

Viewing, adding and editing your personal details

You can access the Profile page by clicking the Personal tab and selecting the Profile page. To add or edit your personal details, click the Edit button on the Profile page. You can add or edit your name and professional details, as well as update information about your clinical background and focus.

Your directory profile

Halaxy's directory and online bookings service allows you to grow and promote your practice to new patients and referrers through Halaxy's directory and is automatically integrated into your practice management software. New and existing patients can also book directly with you through the Halaxy directory or through your website linked to the Halaxy directory. You have the flexibility to choose the level of information shown on your profile and also provide two online bookings options, all of which can be tailored for each practitioner at each practice location in your practice.

Personal details

The Personal Details section includes your name, gender and email.

Add or edit your title (e.g. Mr, Ms, Dr, Prof) in the Name field. Once you have added your title, hit the Tab button on your keyboard and add your given name. Hit the Tab button again to add your surname.

Add your date of birth, using the day-month-year drop-down menus.

Record your gender (which is used on the Halaxy directory) and add your email address at which you would like people to contact you. Note that the email address you entered when you signed up is your username as well as the default email added to your Profile page. If you would like to change the email address at which people contact you, change it on this page, the Profile page; if you would like to change the email address that you use as your username, change it on your Users page.

You can also add your website address.

Professional description

You can add a description of yourself and your practice in your own words to appear on your directory profile. This is particularly useful to give patients, clients and colleagues further insight into your practice, expertise and approach.

Qualifications & credentials

Add your registration or certification number in the Registration Number field. Your registration number is the number that you use to identify yourself as a member of your profession in your country. It is often used for regulation and certification. Generally medical professions and many allied health professions are registered professions; some allied health and most complementary health professions are not registered professions. If your profession does not have a registration or certification number, leave this field blank. Note that your registration number is different to your provider number (i.e. the number with which a particular funding body identifies you as a practitioner eligible to provide services covered by that funding body); your provider number can be updated on your Identifications page. You can also add other types of registrations not shown by clicking the Add Registration button. You can also enter your own registration body and information.

You can add as many qualifications and certifications as you require by clicking the Add Qualification button, and entering your qualification (i.e. the degree or certification, and the academic body that conferred the degree or qualification). Qualifications appear on your profile in the Halaxy directory.

You can also add a professional description to appear on the Halaxy directory if you like. Generally practitioners include in their descriptions their areas of particular expertise and clinical focus, as well as any other information that helps patients select the right practitioner for them.

Expertise, clinical accreditation and languages

You can add details about your practice and clinical focus onto your directory profile, including:

  • Expertise, which are your areas of clinical expertise - select them from the expertise list that appears when you click in the Expertise field (the expertise list is specific to each profession);

  • Languages, which are where you can select any languages that you speak and are able to use when you treat patients - select the language/s from the list that appears when you click in the Languages field;

  • Modalities, which are set by your profession, if available;

  • Accreditations, which are formal recognition of further study or areas of expertise in your chosen field;

  • Patient focus, from which you can select the patient groups that you primarily treat (e.g. children, adults, people with disabilities etc);

  • Certifications, which are non-degree courses that you can add to your profile; and

  • Other services, which includes other information that may be relevant for patients to know when they are selecting the right practitioner for them, such as that you offer home visits or that your practice has wheelchair access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my name or my email address that I use to login to Halaxy?

You can change your name or contact email address on your Profile page under your Personal tab, and you can change your login email address on your Users page.

How can I speed up my public profile verification?

Enter your AHPRA number on your Profile page under your Personal tab, and click Save Profile.

Is there a link I can put on my website to your online booking system?

You need an online booking button to direct patients from your website to the Halaxy booking page. Under the Profile tab, select the Personal page. From the Directory Profile section click the Edit button. Copy the code and give it to your website developer to embed onto your website.

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