Adding rooms or equipment to a location


You can add rooms (such as Exam Room 1 or Exam Room 2) or equipment (such as an x-ray machine) to each practice location. You will be able to select these rooms or equipment when you make an appointment in your Calendar.

To add a new room or equipment to your practice, click Add a room / equipment button in the relevant location's section on the Locations page.

The link "Add a room / equipment" is highlighted for a location

The Add Room/Equipment pop-up appears.

If you are adding an existing room/equipment from another clinic to this location, click the Existing drop-down menu and choose the room/equipment. Otherwise select "Add new room/equipment" from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up titled "Add Room / Equipment" for a location.

You can also select specific practitioners to have access to this room/equipment by clicking the Practitioners field. If you do not select anyone, then all practitioners will have access.

Click Save when done.

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