Locations and Practice Hours


Setting up your locations and hours is the first step to successfully using Halaxy. You can see a video which demonstrates how to add a location and practice hours here:

Halaxy lets you set up multiple practice locations and record your hours at each location. You can also set a time zone for each location. Based on your hours, Halaxy will automatically determine which location to use for an appointment and the associated invoice and automatically populate the invoice with the correct location's details.

The background of your calendar is colour coded by location, so you can tell at a glance exactly where each of your appointments is scheduled.


Rooms and facilities you create are also listed as separate locations when making an appointment.

You can select whether your directory profile is public, hidden or enabled but not searchable in the Halaxy directory for each practice location and specify what information is displayed, including street address, phone numbers and email addresses.

Your locations

You can view your locations and practice hours by clicking Personal > Locations.

Each location is listed as a separate section that can be expanded or collapsed. Within each location, all the practitioners who have been added to that location are also shown, along with their practice hours.

You can set a location-specific invoice template for each location, and you can add rooms and equipment to each location from the Locations page.

Adding a new location

To add a new practice location to your list of existing practices/clinics:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.

  2. Click Add Location at the top-right of the page.

  3. The Add Location pop-up appears. Complete the form, including practice name, ABN or company number, street address, time zone, and phone numbers for each practitioner at that location (if no practitioner's name is selected when adding a phone number, the phone number is applied to the location as a whole).

  4. Add practitioners who will practice at this location by clicking the Practitioners field and selecting practitioners.

  5. Set a colour for the location by clicking the Open Hours Colour field. This will colour code your hours at this location on your calendar:


You should also add any relevant identifications and provider numbers for the new location so that they display on invoices and can be used for claiming. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click Finances > Fees, then click the Identifications tab.

  2. Click Edit at the top-right of the page.

  3. The new Location will be shown in a new column. Add the Provider Number for the relevant Funder under the relevant Location column.

  4. Click Save Identifications at the bottom of the page.

Editing location details

To edit or make changes to a practice location that you have already entered, click Edit at the top-right of the location's section on the Locations page.

Adding a location-specific invoice template

You can set a location-specific invoice template that overrides the default header and footer you set in the General Settings page. Your default header and footer will be used on clinical notes and reports, as well as for locations you have not set a location-specific template for.

Practice hours

Setting practice hours

You can set practice hours for a specific practitioner at a specific location by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon that appears to the right of Add Another Schedule:


The Practice Hours pop-up appears:


Set the frequency of your schedule (Weekly, Fortnightly, 3 weeks or 4 weeks).

You can optionally set a starting date for the schedule as well as an ending date - this is useful if you have a period of time where you work different hours.

To add days of the week to your schedule, click Add New at the bottom of the form and set starting times and ending times. You can add breaks by adding the same day twice with a break in-between - for example, you can set Monday hours from 9 AM to 12 PM, then on an additional line you can set further Monday hours from 1 PM to 5 PM.


Image: A schedule which has a lunch break from 12 PM to 1 PM (click to expand image)

You can remove a day by clicking the red X icon to the right of each line on your schedule.

Click Save when done.

If you set up Online Bookings, patients will only be able to book time slots based on the hours you have set.


The background of your calendar is colour coded according to your practice hours at each location. Set a different colour for each location to make organising your day easier.


To avoid confusion when working across multiple time zones, your calendar and hours are always shown in your practice group's time zone, not the clinic's time zone. if the clinic's time zone is different to the practice group's time zone, a warning will be displayed.

Setting a default Appointment Location Type (in-clinic, phone, online, home visit)

In the Appointment Location Type drop-down menu, select whether you want appointments created within these hours to default to an in-clinic appointment, a phone consultation, an online consultation or a home visit. This will automatically set the location of appointments created within the hours specified by this schedule:


Note that you can also set an Appointment Location Type for specific fees or appointment types. If a patient makes an online booking and selects that fee or appointment type, the location is set based on the Appointment Location Type of the fee or appointment type instead of the default Appointment Location Type set in your schedule. This allows patients to specifically book an in-clinic, phone, online or home visit consultation when making online bookings.

Setting a default practice

When adding or changing practice hours, tick the "Default practice" checkbox to set this practice location as your default practice. Your default practice's information is used for appointments, reminders and invoices that are scheduled outside of your specified practice hours at each location.

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