The Expenses List allows you to view all the expenses that you have added in your Halaxy account and allows you to run high-level profit and loss reports and expenses reports.

The Expenses List also contains your receipts for Halaxy credits and receipts for electronic payments processing fees, which can be printed or exported to use as tax receipts.

Expenses can also be synced to Xero, Reckon One or QuickBooks.

To access the Expenses List page, click the Finances > Expenses. You can search and filter columns to find the information you need, and also change the view to suit your preferences.

Adding expenses

You can add an expense by clicking Add Expense at the top-right of your Expenses List.

The Edit Expense page

Image: Adding an expense in Halaxy

You can enter details about the expense, including the description, category, amount (and any taxes) and payment method. You can also specify whether the expense applies to the whole practice or to a specific practitioner or to a specific location, and you can also specify that the expense is a capital expense for accounting purposes.

If adding a Category, do not include commas, as this will restrict your search when you are creating expenses reports.

Printing and exporting your Expenses List

Print your Expenses List by clicking the print icon at the top right of the screen. This creates a printer-friendly PDF file of the Expenses List; click Ctrl-P to print the list on your printer.

You can export your Expenses List to Excel by clicking the Export icon at the top right of the screen, which exports the Expenses List to a CSV file, which you can view and save in Excel.

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