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Task templates are customisable pre-built tasks that you frequently use. If there are a number of tasks that you add on a frequent basis to your task list, you can save time by adding these tasks as task templates so you do not have to set them up each and every time.

For example: If you want to add a task called "Prepare for appointment" for each of your appointments, instead of adding a task for every appointment that you create in Halaxy, you could just select a pre-built task from the Task Templates drop-down menu, and the task name and priority will be auto-populated.

To create a task templates:

  1. Click Settings > General.

  2. Under Appointment Settings, click the Edit icon beside Tasks / To-do lists.

    The Appointment Settings section. The "Tasks/To-do lists" option is highlighted.
  3. The list of task templates will appear. In this section you can create a list of the tasks that you use on a frequent basis.

  4. Click Add a New Task to create a new task template.

  5. Add the title of the task and set the priority e.g. "Prepare for appointment" with a priority of medium.

    A section titled "List of Task Templates"
  6. Repeat for all the frequent tasks that you would like to add to the task templates list.

RESULT: Now when you go to create a task in the task list, there will be a button called Select from Preset. Click Select from Preset if the task you would like to add has been added to the task templates list.

The New Task pop-up, with the "Select from Preset" button highlighted

You can then choose the task from the drop-down menu just below the Title field:

The New Task page, with a prebuilt task selected in the drop-down menu

Select the task and the priority will be populated. You can then assign the task to a member of your team or to yourself, and you can set the task date and add a comment if you wish.

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