How do I make certain types of appointments only available on certain days of the week?


Often in practices there are specific appointments that run at different times and days of the week - for example, on Wednesdays your clinic offers Skype consultations only.

We can manage this in Halaxy using Appointment Types. Appointment Types can be set to be bookable online only where you have specifically created an appointment matching that Appointment Type in the calendar. In the above example, we would create an Appointment Type called "Skype consultations" and only put appointments matching that type in our calendar on Wednesdays.

To set up this sort of Appointment Type, create an Appointment Type as usual and ensure that in the Allow Online Booking drop-down menu you select "Yes - only appointments matching the type". This will ensure that patients can only book these appointments where you have specifically added an appointment matching the Appointment Type in your calendar.


You can then create appointments on your calendar at the appropriate time slots and set the Appointment Type in the Appointment Information form. To make these appointments part of a regular schedule, we can set them to repeat at a chosen interval:


Image; setting an appointment type and setting the appointment to repeat every week (expand image)

RESULT: Patients will now be able to book this type of appointment only at time slots where you have added an appointment matching the type in your calendar. Once a patient has booked into a time slot, the appointment in your Halaxy calendar will be updated with the patient information.

NOTE: In order for these appointments to be bookable, the hours that are scheduled for the practitioner in the practice location will have to reflect these time slots.

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