Intro to calendar

Your calendar is the heart of your practice in Halaxy. The Halaxy system is designed so that you can run your entire practice from the calendar screen.



From your calendar, you can:

To quickly access your calendar from any page, simply click Schedule > Calendar on the side menu, or click the Halaxy logo on the top left.

Set your calendar view

At the top of your calendar, there is a control bar that allows you to navigate your calendar and customise your calendar view:



Action / Description

Icon-Calendar.svg Calendar icon

Click to jump to a specific date.

Today or This Week

Click to jump to today or this week.

Day, Week or Month

Click to view the calendar in Day, Week or Month view.

Click the left and right arrows to move through the calendar on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Icon-Zoom-In.svg Zoom In and Icon-Zoom-Out.svg Zoom Out icons

Click to change the duration of your time block.

Note: The minimum time block is 5 minutes, and the maximum time block is 90 minutes.

Icon-WaitingList.svg Waiting List icon

Click to add a patient to your waiting list.

Navigate your calendar

Even at just a glance, the visual elements on your calendar can quickly give you information you need to know.

  1. Your current time: The thin blue line across the calendar shows the current time in your time zone.

  2. Opening hours: Your practice opening hours are shown in the background. Each location has its own colour.

  3. Appointments: Patient appointments you create on the calendar are shaded blue by default. You can set different colours for fees or appointment types.

  4. Online booking appointments: Online booking appointments are shaded green by default.

  5. Cancelled appointments: Cancelled and non-attended appointments display show the appointment time with a strikethrough and the appointment colour slightly dimmed.

  6. Personal appointments: Personal appointments are shaded dark grey by default.

  7. Appointment preview: You can preview an appointment’s details quickly by hovering your mouse over the appointment time label.

Guide to the appointment information panel

When you click an appointment on your calendar, the appointment information panel appears on the right side of your screen.

This panel includes the following sections:

  1. Appointment details: The date, time, duration, repeat schedule (if applicable), and location of the appointment. You can also click these icons to take actions.

    • Icon-Tasks.svg Tasks: Add and view tasks linked to this appointment.

    • Icon-Edit.svg Edit: Edit details for this appointment.

    • Icon-History-2.svg User Action History: View all user activity related to this appointment.

    • Icon-X.svg Cancel: Cancel or delete this appointment.

  2. Patient details: The patient’s name, date of birth, attendance status, fee they are booked for (if applicable). You can also click the following to take actions:

    • Notes: View clinical notes related to this appointment.

    • Invoice: View the invoice for this appointment.

    • Icon-Video.svg Video: Add or access the link for video telehealth consultations. (Appears only if the appointment location is set to Halaxy Telehealth or Online Consultation.)

    • Icon-Phone.svg Call: Call the patient by phone.

    • Icon-Bell.svg Reminders: Add, edit, or view all scheduled reminders for this appointment.

  3. Appointment history: Click to view the patient’s last appointment or next appointment.

  4. Comments: Any quick practical notes added for this appointment. (For example: Return this patient’s umbrella from the Lost and Found, or Patient requires wheelchair assistance.)


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