The Settings page controls how your Halaxy account is set up, including your timezone, local currency, and date and time format. You can also update and add default invoice and clinical report templates for your practice so your practice information, along with any logos and letterheads that you upload, appears on your invoices and clinical reports.

Accessing and updating your general settings

Your timezone and currency settings are set as a default on the Settings page based on the country you selected when you first signed up for a Halaxy account. Using the drop-down menus, you can change:

  • Default state (which means that patient addresses are automatically populated with the default state so that you do not have to select the state every time you add a new patient; the default state is automatically set for you when you enter the address of your first location) - you cannot change your country, which is set when you sign up to Halaxy;

  • Your currency (which is important for ensuring your invoices are correct);

  • Your timezone (which is important for managing your calendar and reminders);

  • Your default tax rate (which is automatically set based on your country and state location);

  • Date format (e.g. Month first or date first);

  • Time format (e.g. 24 hour versus 12 hour AM/PM clock); and

  • Background colour.

When you have made the changes required, click Save to save the information to your account.

You can always edit any of the information in this section by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon at the right side of the screen and making the changes necessary, then clicking Save.

Accessing and updating your patient settings

These settings help you establish your patient profiles.

  • Patient Number Settings: You can choose between Halaxy's default setting or choose your own;

  • Patient terminology, i.e. whether you want your patients to be called patients, clients, residents, supervisees or customers on their patient profile and invoices - you can change what an individual patient is called on their patient profile; and

  • Introduction Sources (you can add new ones and deselect those you don't want to see).

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