I want to use secure messaging. What do I need to do?


Halaxy integrates with both Argus and ReferralNet for secure messaging. Argus and ReferralNet are secure message delivery (SMD) services that allow you to securely send and receive letters, referrals and clinical notes with practitioners who also use these services.

Setting up secure messaging

Please see our articles on connecting Argus or ReferralNet with your Halaxy.

Using secure messaging

Once you have set up Argus or ReferralNet, click the Triangle button on a clinical note and click SMD ReferralNet or SMD Argus to send the clinical note using secure messaging. You will be able to search for a practitioner and select what part of the clinical note you wish to share.


Sending a secure message costs 3 credits. There is no charge for receiving a secure message.

Enable auto-top to ensure you always have enough credits.


Only practitioners are able to use secure messaging. Administrators cannot currently send messages on a practitioner's behalf - this feature is currently in development.

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