Navigating through Halaxy


The most important screen in Halaxy is your calendar. From your calendar, you can set up appointments, add patients and add fees all in one step, and everything in Halaxy is integrated with your calendar.

You can navigate through your calendar by clicking the controls at the top.

On the Calendar, the date picker is selected. Controls for navigating dates are visible.

The calendar is also the default homepage when you log in to Halaxy.

You can set Calendar Preferences by clicking the cogwheel icon in the top-right of the calendar screen:



You can quickly jump to your calendar by clicking the Halaxy logo in the top-left of any screen.

Changing the look of Halaxy

Halaxy's Visual Settings options let you customise the look of Halaxy to suit your preferences. You can adjust the font size, the visual theme and colours, and whether or not the sidebar is expanded by default.

The user cycles through different preset themes on the Visual Settings page

You can access the Visual Settings page by clicking Personal > Visual Settings in the sidebar.

Getting familiar with the Halaxy sidebar

On the left-hand side of your Halaxy screen is the Halaxy sidebar. This can be minimised at any time by clicking the "hamburger" icon at the top of the sidebar. While minimised, you can hover over the menu at any time to expand it.

The user clicks the hamburger icon at the top of the sidebar to collapse and expand it

You can revert the sidebar back to a static position (i.e. it will stay expanded all the time) by clicking the "hamburger" button again.

The different options on the menu along the left-hand side of the page allow you to navigate to all the features that are available with Halaxy:

Search bar

For more information, see Halaxy Search.

The top-right control panel

On the top of every page in Halaxy there will be a control panel with a number of icons on it:

The Inbound Messages, Notifications and Announcements icons in the Halaxy control bar

These icons are shortcuts for:

Inbound Messages Icon-Bubble.svg

The Inbound Messages icon allows you to access recent inbound communications, including:

The Inbound Messages icon is clicked, showing a reminder response

You can filter to display messages from up to seven days ago.

To see fax messages or secure messages older than seven days, please access your Fax Messages list or Secure Messages list in the Contacts section of the Halaxy sidebar.

To see responses to SMS reminders older than seven days, please see the following articles on how to review patient responses to SMS reminders and Message History.

Halaxy allows you to configure which users in your group receive notifications about different inbound messages, as well as whether they receive notifications by SMS, email or within the Halaxy control bar. See related article: Manage notifications and inbound messages

Notifications Icon-Bell.svg

The notification icon lets you quickly view updates to your practice and Halaxy system messages. Notifications you may receive include:

Click the notifications icon to receive a summary of each notification. From the notification, you can also go to the page associated with the notification - in the example below, you can click the patient's name to see the information the patient has entered in the patient intake form, or you can click Dismiss to remove the notification from the list.

In the control panel, the user clicks the Inbound Messages icon, then the Notifications icon

You can review all your notifications by clicking See all notifications.

Halaxy also allows you to configure which users in your group receive different notification types, as well as whether they receive notifications by SMS, email or within the Halaxy control bar. See our related article: Manage notifications and inbound messages

Announcements Icon-Megaphone.svg

The announcements icon lets you see announcements and updates from Halaxy. These announcements are also sent to you via email. Click the announcements icon to view a summary of the announcement with a link to read more. You can click Dismiss to remove announcement from your announcements list.

Toggle between Groups Icon-Map-Pin.svg

If you are assigned to more than one practice group, you can access each group through this drop-down menu. Practice groups are considered separate entities in Halaxy and do not share information; by selecting your active practice group here, you can switch between your groups and see the related calendars, invoices and other information in Halaxy.

The group selector is highlighted in the Halaxy control bar, with groups shown to switch between
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