Invoice Templates and Clinical Letterheads


Halaxy come with a default letterhead that includes Dynamic Terms to automatically show your Practice Name, ABN, Practitioner Name, Location, Phone Number and Email Address.

By default, this letterhead is used for your invoices as well as your clinical notes.

You can customise the default letterhead to your own specifications, as well as create location-specific invoice templates that will only be used for invoices from a specific practice location. This allows you to use a separate template for your invoices whilst continuing to use the default letterhead for your clinical notes.

Halaxy will automatically determine which template to use based on the location you select or based on your practice hours.

Customising your clinical letterhead

The default clinical letterhead is applied to all invoices and clinical notes from the moment you set up your Halaxy account. If you set up location-specific invoice templates, the default clinical letterhead will only be used for clinical notes.

To customise the default clinical letterhead:

  1. Click Settings > General.
  2. In the Clinical Settings section, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to "Default invoice and clinical header and footer".
  3. Use the editor to customise your header and footer.mceclip1.pngYou can add Dynamic Terms by clicking Dynamic Terms. Use the Image button to add logos or image signatures.
  4. (Optional) To preview your template, click Preview at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Save to save your template.

You can also preview your letterhead by clicking the magnifying glass next to the Edit icon on the General Settings page.

NOTE: If you create location-specific invoice templates, they will be used at that location instead of the default letterhead. Your default letterhead will still appear on your clinical notes.

Customising location-specific invoice templates

For each practice location, you can add a location-specific invoice template that will be used only for invoices from that location. This is useful if you want to use a different logo or message for different practices, or if you want your invoice template to differ from the template you use for clinical notes.

Location-specific invoice templates will override your default invoice header and footer template.

To customise an invoice template for a specific location:

  1. Click Personal > Locations.
  2. In the "Invoice Template" section, click Add template.
  3. In the Template Name field, enter a name for the template (e.g., "Brunswick Practice Invoice Template").
  4. Under "Apply For", select whether you want the new template to apply to all invoices from that location or to future invoices only.
  5. Use the editor to customise the header, footer and notes section (Notes will appear at the bottom of the invoice but above the footer).
    mceclip2.pngYou can add Dynamic Terms by clicking Dynamic Terms. Use the Image button to add logos or image signatures.Invoice_default_header_and_footer_dynamic_terms.png
  6. (Optional) To preview your template, click Preview at the bottom of the page.
  7. Click Save to save your template.
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