Electronic Payments Processing


Halaxy removes your practice administration by enabling you to process payments electronically, either manually or automatically. Your practice does not need to handle cash payments again, and you are able to separate the financial and clinical relationship with patients. Payments processing further streamlines your administration by helping to reduce your no-shows.

All you need to do is save your patients' payment details. No matter whether you see the patient once or 20 times, the payment can be automatically processed for you, so you and your practice can focus solely on treating patients.

Electronic payments processing via Halaxy is currently available for Australian-based practitioners. Practitioners in other countries can mark their invoices as paid to reconcile their finances in Halaxy's finance reports.

Adding payment details

You can add your patient's payment details quickly and easily in two ways:

  1. Via their patient profile: go to the patient's profile, selecting the Funding page and clicking the Add Card button in the Payment Details - Credit Card section. You can store the patient's payment details here to enable electronic processing of future fee payments.
  2. On their invoice: go to the invoice and in the Payments section, click the Add Payment Details button. You can process the payment immediately and either store the payment details for electronic processing of future fee payments by ticking the tick box (note the CCV is not stored), or not store the card details and continue having future fee payments paid by other means. When you make other appointments in the future with this patient, the patient's card details will not be available and so if you process their payment electronically in the future, you will need to enter their card details again.

In the Name field, add the name on the card - if the patient is a child, a parent's card is permissible. Add the 16-digit card number in the Number field, and select the type of credit card. Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are accepted (most transaction accounts are actually debit cards as well), as are American Express credit cards. Diners Club is not accepted. Add the card expiry date in the expiry fields. If you are adding the payment details from an invoice, you can also enter the CCV number, although this is optional. Read and accept the terms and conditions and click Submit.

When you make an appointment with a patient who has a credit card stored on Halaxy, their payment method is shown as Stored Credit Card on the appointment listing on your calendar (if there is no stored credit card, the payment method is listed as manual payments) so you can easily see that you can process payments electronically for their appointment.

How to tell whether a patient's card can be used for payments processing

You can use Halaxy to process payments from Visa and MasterCard credit cards and debit cards, and American Express credit cards (Diners Club is not accepted). Most transaction accounts are in fact debit cards now which means they function like credit cards but use the account holder's own money. You can tell whether a transaction card is a debit card by seeing whether it has a silver coloured chip on it, which most transaction accounts in Australia do now have.

Capturing payment details

You can use the Halaxy Medicare Rebates Claiming and Payments Authority Form to enable patients to complete their Medicare and payments details, and also provide them with the Suggested Patient Intake and Practice Policies Form to capture their contact details and provide them with information about payments processing and rebates processing as well as other practice policies (such as confidentiality and cancellations).

Processing payments electronically

You can process a payment electronically in three ways:

  1. Manually by clicking the Process Payment button on each invoice;
  2. Automatically at a set time into the appointment; and
  3. Automatically at a set time of the day.

Individual patients' preferences can be set on their Funding page.

Processing each electronic payment manually

To process a payment electronically using Halaxy when the patient's payment details have been added to Halaxy (if their payment details have not been added, you can add their payment details), go to the payments section near the bottom of the invoice. Click the Process button and confirm that you want to process the payment for the amount shown. You are notified that the payment has been processed (successfully or unsuccessfully). If successful, the payment is documented on the invoice in the payments section; if unsuccessful, the status code is given and you should contact the patient directly to re-arrange payment. Once the payment is processed, you cannot delete the appointment or the invoice.

At a set time into the appointment

On the Payments page under the Profile tab, you can set your payments preferences to process the payment automatically at a set time after the appointment starts. Under Auto Payment Settings, click the Edit button in the Scheduled Processing section and select the option to process payments X minutes into the appointment. You can select up to 30 minutes after the start of the appointment, and also select that you want all future Auto Payments to be processed in this way.

At a set time of the day

On the Payments page under the Profile tab, you can set your payments preferences to process payments automatically at a set time of the day. Under Auto Payment Settings, click the Edit button in the Scheduled Processing section and select the option to process payments X time of the day. You can select any time in the day, and also select that you want all future Auto Payments to be processed in this way. It is recommended that you choose a time before 5:45 p.m. EST as this is before banks' payment cut-off time (usually 6:00 p.m.); this way you receive payment into your account earlier.

Adding your practice name as the statements descriptor on patients' bank statements

You can add your own practice’s name as the statements descriptor on the Payments page, so that your practice name and not the Halaxy name appears on patients’ bank account statements.


You can accept payments via BPAY, which provides your patients with more payment options.

To enable BPAY, click Settings, then Payments. Scroll down to the BPAY section and click Enable. You can click Add New to add BPAY settings for specific individual practitioners or specific practice locations.


When BPAY is enabled, a BPAY logo will appear on your invoices, with your Biller Code and Reference number. Patients can use the Biller Code and Reference number to pay through BPAY.

The cost for using BPAY starts at $1 + 1.9% of the invoice fee and becomes lower as you process greater volumes of payments, in line with our electronic payments processing fees (see below).

Payments made through BPAY are usually received into your bank account within one to three business days.

Common payment status codes

Payment status codes (also called response codes) come from banks to let you know whether a payment has successfully gone through, and if not, why the payment has not gone through. These messages come directly from banks, and common payment response codes include:

Main payment status codes
Code Bank description Further information and action
00 Successful payment You will receive payment into your account in 2 business days if you processed the payment before 9pm EST
01, 04, 05 Refer to card issuer There is a problem with the account (e.g. there may be a hold on the account); process it again or contact the patient to clarify that they have sufficient funds to pay the fee
51 Insufficient funds Contact patient and update their card details on their profile or obtain payment from the patient using alternative means
54 Expired card As above
101 Invalid card number Check the patient's card number and enter the correct card number

If the payment has not gone through, in all cases you should contact the patient directly as they can add funds to their credit card or discuss the issue with their bank (which is not something that Halaxy or you can do).

Refunding electronic payments

When a payment has been electronically processed through Halaxy and you want to refund some or all of the fee, you can click the Refund button on the invoice in the payment method line to refund the amount in full or in part.

Click the Refund button and select the type of refund you would like. Confirm the amount of the refund to the patient is correct. If you enter less than the amount of the payment previously processed, you are partially refunding the fee; if you leave the amount to be refunded as the same as the payment previously processed, you are fully refunding the fee. For security purposes, fees can only be refunded to the same account from which they were originally processed, unless you are choosing a non-electronic method. Click Refund to refund the amount entered to the patient, who receives the refund the next day.

How and when you are paid

Fees are processed electronically into your nominated bank account, which you can add on your Payments page. In group practices, the nominated bank account is set at a group level by default, but practitioners with Owner level access can enable it to be set individually so deposits can be made into each practitioner's individual bank account.

You can nominate your deposit account by going to the Profile tab and selecting Payments, then clicking Add New in Deposit Settings. Add the name of your account into which you would like payments deposited, the branch code and the account number, and click Save to add your deposit account into which payments processed electronically are deposited. Note that only one group account can be added per practice group, although you can add different accounts for individual clinics or practitioners.

Fee payments from patients are processed into the Halaxy merchant account the day after the appointment and then processed into your account, so you should receive the fee payment (minus transaction charges) two business days after the appointment. For example, if you have an appointment paid electronically with Patient A on Tuesday, the payment hits your account on Thursday. Note that payments processed after 9pm AEST/AEDT are processed into the Halaxy merchant account the day after they are paid - therefore in the previous example, you receive your payment on Friday. You also receive quarterly statements detailing payments processed in your practice.

Payments from the Halaxy merchant account will appear in your statement as "HX-[Invoice Number]".

Electronic payments processing fees

Transaction costs for electronic payments are comparable to bank EFTPOS terminal and transaction charges. Charges are as follows:

Payment Band Rates Volume Processed (past 90 days)
Bronze 1.90% + $1.00 $0 - $19,999
Silver 1.80% + $0.75 $20,000 - $49,999
Gold 1.70% + $0.00 $50,000 - $100,000+

These prices are inclusive of GST. There is no charge for dishonoured payments.

You do not need to pay any annual fee or terminal rent or purchase charges that you would pay for an EFTPOS terminal.

You can choose to pass these fees on to your patients, or to pay the fees yourself. If you are passing on the payment processing fee to your patient, they will see on their invoice the exact amount that is being charged to them. The fee is displayed in the Payments section on their invoice.

If you reach the Silver of Gold payment bands, you can also subscribe for a custom name or dedicated number for your SMS reminders free of charge for as long as you remain in the Silver or Gold bands.

How we calculate your payment band

It’s very simple - whenever a payment is processed via Halaxy, the dollar amount is added to the total value of invoices processed in the past 90 days, which is cumulative and refreshed every day.

This calculation considers the total amount of payments processed by your practice group, so all practitioners in your practice can contribute to the total amount processed.

The more payments you process in a 90-day period, the greater your chance to move to the next band and save even more.

How to confirm that payments have been transferred to you

Payments processed reach your bank account two business days after you process them, if they are processed before 9:00 p.m. EST. Payments processed after 9:00 p.m. reach your account three business days after you process them. You can confirm that a payment has been transferred and reached your account either on the actual invoice (for individual payments), or by running a Payments Charges report on the Reports page (to confirm multiple payments).

Confirming individual payments

You can confirm that payment for an individual invoice has been transferred to your account by going to the Payments section of the invoice and clicking the Successful or Unsuccessful link under Status to see more details.

You can see the date and time of the payment, its amount and status (as well as the reason why payments were successful or unsuccessful) and:

  • The date that Halaxy made the payment transfer to you;
  • The amount transferred to you as well as the transaction charges; and
  • The receipt number for the transaction charges.

Confirming multiple payments

You can confirm multiple payments at the one time on the Reports page. Select Auto Payments as the Report Type, then select the date range and click Run. For example, if you want to run a report for Auto Payments for yesterday, enter yesterday's date in both the To and the From fields, then click Run.

All payments processed during the date range are shown, as well as the payment status, transfer date, amount transferred and transaction fees. Click on the invoice number to go to the individual invoice details, and click on the date to see the payments processing expenses for that day in your Expenses list.

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