I added a funder but not all the information seems to be working.


This may be because you added a funder without all the required information or because you added a funder that was already preset in Halaxy.

To correct this, you first need to merge the newer funder into the Halaxy-created funder and then link the funder. Follow the steps below:

  1. Under Finances tab, click Fees.
  2. Click the Funders tab.
  3. Search for the duplicated funder (the one created incorrectly) and click to open it.
  4. Click Merge at the top-right of the page (where the Edit button normally is). The "Merge funder records -step 1" pop-up appears. 
  5. Search for the funder to be merged (the Halaxy-created funder) and click it, then click Next. The "Merge funder records - step 2" pop-up appears, showing all records that will be merged.
  6. Click Merge.
  7. The last step is to ensure the funder is linked to Halaxy's preset funder. Search for the funder in the list and click to open it.
  8. Click the Edit button on the right-hand side of the screen next to Preset Funder.
  9. Ensure the correct funder is selected and click Submit.
  10. Click Save.
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